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The idealisation of Korean men

Since I started my degree in Korean Studies and moved to Korea, I have noticed that foreign women are idealising Korean men. From students of Korean to English teachers and people just casually interested in Korean popular culture, they have all created this perception of Korean men being the perfect…

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My Korean Husband and Me: Being Bi-cultural

This is a guest post from the author of the blog ‘My Korean Husband’

Hello! I’m an Australian woman married to a Korean man… and I draw comics. In the comic above I tried to convey that each scene could be happening in Korea, until the final frame where…

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‘You are so Korean’ Dating a person, not a culture.

This is a guest article written by Oegukeen of Loving Korean

My boyfriend is the first Korean I have ever met. He’s the first Asian I have ever met. Actually, he’s the first non-European I have ever met. Cultural differences and bewilderment from both sides seemed inevitable…

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