BH Podcast 3: Kim Hyun Joong, Unpretty Rapstar, CL and keepin’ it real

We’re disappointed in us too, Cheetah.

We’re finally back! Apologies for the delay since the last episode, we had some problems when Lizzie’s laptop fell apart at the hinges but now we’re back on track.

We have now switched from Sounndcloud to Mixcloud (mainly for financial reasons – we don’t have that kinda cash), let us know if it works for you. As always, you can also download this episode here via iTunes or using our RSS feed.

This episode was supposed to be all about hip hop but we had to talk about that Kim Hyun-joong scandal since it’s everywhere at the moment.

Other than that we chat about:

Unpretty Rapstar and our deep love for Cheetah, Lil Cham’s evil editing and learning to like Jessi and Jidam.

The crazy messes that were It G Ma and Dok2’s newest release.

What authenticity means in Korean hip hop. (Also make sure you check out The Korean’s take on that.)

Topp Dogg’s deep appreciation of the lyrical genius that is Young Thug.

(This is the video Sara talks about. Check it out to experience the full awkward hilarity.)

And finally, CL’s American advancement, Buzzfeed’s Eugene Lee Yang and Asian Americans in US media.

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  • Donna

    Who was the rapper that was against CL because she is a woman? It is something that i have never seen or heard