BH Podcast 2: 2015 – Will it be a hit or a miss?

It’s here! The second ever episode of BH podcast! Calm down now, don’t get too excited.

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This time, we make it our predictions for 2015 including CL’s upcoming US debut, Big Bang’s long-long-long-overdue comeback, contract renewals and the rise and rise of China.

We also discuss Sasha’s plans to pimp Lizzie out (not really… we hope), the ongoing travesty that is Taeyang’s hair, YG and SM’s discrimination against certain members of Big Bang and SHINee and’s generous ‘borrowing’ of this Bollywood classic by A.R. Rahman.

The episode als features a short interview with new solo artist, and former member of SKARF, Ferlyn G (you can read the full interview here) and the second half of our chat with Chris from Korean Indie who makes his indie predictions for the year coming.

The song from this week’s episode is From The Airport’s Flying Walls and the intro and outro is Chemical Love. Both tracks come from their brand new album which you can buy from various places. All the information on where to buy it can be found on their website or in the description of the video below.

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