BH Discuss pt. 2: It’s our birthday!

Today is a special day. Not only does 11th of November mark Pepero Day, the day in Korea when people give each other the chocolate snack Pepero as a sign of love and friendship, it is also the day that we launched Beyond Hallyu.

As it is our first birthday we wanted to make a special post to thank everyone who has read, commented and shared our articles and generally supported us. We also want to thank our fantastic team and all the people that have contributed to our website over the past twelve months. We had no idea we would have come to this point by the end of our first year so we’re really grateful.

We want to use this opportunity to find out from you what you have most enjoyed from us and what you would like to see more of in the future. Our readers mean a lot to us and we want to make sure we’re providing you with the best content that we possibly can. We have plans to work on lots of exciting new things over the next few months.

Thank you very much both old and new readers of Beyond Hallyu for supporting us over the past year. We hope to see in our second year with you all and wish to bring you more things that will make you think and smile.

Since we can’t give you all a present, we’re just going to leave you with this so you can party with us, BH-style:

–   Beyond Hallyu founders, Lizzie and Sasha

Leave us a comment telling us what your favourite posts from the last year were and what you want to see in future so we can make our second year even better than the first!


  • Shai_love

    Happy First Birthday BH! I can’t really give any specific article as faves since I just found your site today, but I really enjoy it & will be a regular reader from now on.

  • Orion

    Happy First Birthday and many more to come! What I love about you is how you tackle the elephants in the room. Topics that need to be discussed, but rarely are, due to their negative or troubling nature and the fact that they require criticism, not blind people-pleasing positivity.

    But that said, you are also not bitter or overly-cynical in your pieces. You do offer positivity and show the good things too, a balance which is often lacking from websites on this entertainment, since they tend to go either way.

    You pick good topics, do your research and write confidently about what needs to be said. I never feel bored coming here and seeing things being discussed that many try most fervently to ignore or deny is a relief for a fan like me.

  • sharaysabel

    Happy Birthday! More power <3

  • Justin Beltran

    Happy birthday BH!

    what a great timing, i discovered your site on your first birthday. more power!