Two groups you should know…but probably don’t: The Electric Eels and Unisexasaurus

The Electric Eels (Indie/Easy listening)

electric eels 1

The Electric Eels are a group of 4 who have been together for just under three years and perform mainly in and around Seoul. They are known for their cheerful music that sticks to a well known Korean indie pattern with a unique easy flowing style.

They released their first EP ‘Charging’ (충전) in 2011, followed by a second EP ‘The Trendy’ (최신유행) in 2012.

After a interview with (May 2012) in which they revealed their desire to release a full length album, they released ‘최고의 연애’ few months later to my listening delight. This featured a mixture of both re-recorded and nearly written songs.

Though this group still reminds me of a few other groups, the way in which they present their music in a clean and distinct way really stands out for me. This is definitely a group aware of a sound that works for them.

Sample song:

Charging ‘충전’ – 2011
The Trendy ‘최신유행’ – 2012
최고의 연애 – 2012

Unisexasaurus (Dreamy Indie Pop)

unisexasaurus 1

Signed in 2011 by MagicStrawberry Sound, Unisexasaurus is a one man sound machine based in California.

Namq Kang started out releasing demos and mix tapes online in early 2010 (I myself only discovered one of these in 2011) and since then has pushed to have his music heard by a wider audience.

He comes across as a artist who simply makes music because he loves it (as do many indie musicians). His work can be found on his website as can his photography.

His first EP ‘Love is in the ear’ released on September 25th 2012 was a mix of dreamy electronic indie music just as promised and definitely leaves the listener awaiting more.

Love Is In The Ear – 2012

Are you a fan of either of these artists or do you have your own unknown indie recommendation? Let us know in the comments!

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