Take Your Rock And Eat It: 5 Korean Rock Groups You Should Listen To.

The Korean rock music scene much like the hip-hop and indie scene is a hugely underground scene within the Korean music community. This leads to talented groups being widely overlooked, often missing out on the spotlight they so greatly deserve.

Below I list my choice of 5 groups to listen to:


1. Vanilla Unity (Indie Rock/Punk Pop)

Forming in 2004 this five piece rock group won third prize at the K-rock Championship within the same year they formed. Along with this they also received a special award for best new band at the same championship.

In 2005 they signed to rock label Gom entertainment, and released their debut album, ‘Love’, a year later in 2006. This was followed by the albums ‘Farewell & Tonight’, in 2007 and ‘Commonplace’, in 2008.

Shortly after this in late 2008 the group disbanded leaving fans shocked and looking for a reason why. This was never answered.

However, two years later in 2010, the group returned with a new single ‘Hey! Monster'; followed quickly in 2011 by yet another full length album entitled ‘We Are Rising’ released under their new company Sony Music.


Love (2006)
Farewell & Tonight (2007)
Commonplace (2008)
We Are Rising (2011)
2. Ninesin (Hardcore Rock/Metalcore)

Ninesin started out in 2004, but it wasn’t until 2007 that they first released any music, with the EP ‘Deathblow’.

Following two years of gigs, fan base building and festival appearances they returned in 2009 with the full length album, ‘The Death, We Will Face’. This album led to them gaining wide underground acclaim and a further strong following of fans.

In September 2011 they returned again with a new single ‘Arena’ and a second full length album entitled ‘NINESIN’.


Deathblow (2007)
The Death, We will face (2009)
NINESIN (2011)


3. The Finnn (Indie Rock)

The Finnn started as a one man band making a demo tape and distributing it around the Jisan Valley Rock Festival and many record labels in 2010. The Finnn then ended up as a two person group by September 2010, when he signed with Ruby Salon Records and gained another member.

The now duo released the album ‘Beatles over Zeppelin’ in August 2010, which peaked interest within the Korean underground rock scene.

By October 2011 the duo had revealed a second album ‘Album of the Year’ along with a MV of featured song ‘Cello’. The album consisted of 12 songs, with two of these being re-mastered bonus songs previously released on the demo.


Demo Tape (2009)
Beatles over Zeppelin (2010)
Album of the Year (2011)


4. AdultChild (Indie Pop Rock)

AdultChild originally debuted as a three member group until shortly after the release of their debut album in 2006. Three years later in 2009 vocalist and guitarist Kkasi released ‘Dandelion’ as a soloist; deciding to remain under her original groups name to do so.


BTL BTL (2006)
Dandelion (2009)
5. Schizo (Alternative Metal/ Industrial Rock)

Schizo is a Busan based group formed in 2002. With their combination of rock, metal, industrial and nu-metal they are often compared to American groups such as Mindless Self Indulgence and are known to play Rammstein songs during performances.

In 2003 they released their debut album ‘Dumbo Shit’ and followed it in 2006 with ‘Fight against the World’. Many of their songs have also featured in complications for movies such as ‘Fight’ which was featured in the movie Mutt Boy.

2007 saw them work together with vocalist Kim Hyun Suk on the single ‘Mutation ~Shinigami Sanctuary~’ and in July 2011 they released the song ‘Bomb! Bomb! Bomb!’ which saw them using rap and sampling F(x)’s ‘Nu Abo’ between verses.


Dumbo Shit (2003)
Fight against the World (2006)
Mutation ~Shinigami Sanctuary~ (2007-single)
Bomb! Bomb! Bomb! (2011)


I hope you enjoy the article and are able to find some groups you were not aware of before but now wish to discover more about. I will be posting more of these lists and hope to allow them to grow with the reader.

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  • http://twitter.com/ILTWYT_ANDY Andy’s dinner table

    i loved them all especially the 1st, 4th, and 5th. great variety for an introduction to korean rock. and schizo really is a genre bender. well sorta. they did two very different types of music in one recording.