[Review] Dok2 and the Quiett heat things up in London

It can be  hard to gain respect from fans – love and attention, yes – but respect can be a tough ride. But that’s definitely something Illionaire Records founders DOK2 and The Quiett did during their London leg of their mini European tour. The raw energy that was produced by not only the two performers but also the crowd was nothing short of a rare treat in what is normally a scene filled with somewhat crazy fans (both male and female).

If we go back to the start of the night, say two hours before performance time, it was clear from the crowds outside that the night would be savage in all the best ways. Arriving at the venue I half expected to see what I have before at performances from idol groups: pushing to get to the front, groups of kids having queued for hours and a general lack of organisation. I did not expect to see a family atmosphere.

Fans waiting outside were sharing drinks with one another, listening to music out loud on their phones and just having a laugh. Maybe it was the fact that it was an 18+ event but I was impressed. My impressed state lasted the entire two hours before security started to allow people into the venue and continued throughout the night.

Well, mostly anyway.

There did seem to be a bit of an issue with security being overwhelmed and confused by what happening at points but that was neither here nor there. The bigger problem was the set up and how things appeared to ‘run’. No matter who I asked that night (people working on the door or people simply helping out) nobody seemed to know what the fuck was going on! It was instead left up to me (numerous times) to track down the guy in charge and try to make sense of the answers I got from him.

However, the fans (for what would not be the last time that night) saved the day! After bumping into a group of fans near the bar (another saviour of the night due to their strong doubles!) I managed to find out when exactly Dok2 would be up and was able to get fully into the night. With the drinks flowing and the fans as lively as possible it was time for the first performer to hit the stage, ItsNate. Perhaps because I didn’t expect a lot from the crowd reaction wise I hung out at the back of the room in the smoking area during this particular performance but it went down a lot better than expected, helping to get them further excited for the main purpose they were there.

Credit: Stephane Yu

Credit: Stephane Yu

Even before they appeared on stage you could feel the vibe in the air and knew that these guys could come out butt naked and the show would still be mental. But it was so much more than that. The show was less of a show and more of a gathering of music in all of its raw form between performers and fans alike and that’s what made it so fucking beautiful.

Interaction between each of the performers and the crowd was inclusive, open and personal. They didn’t just perform but they completely involved everyone around them and created an atmosphere that was so heated it may be hard to beat in the future. This was less about keeping with the persona most would expect from DOK2 and The Quiett and much more about expressing their love of the music they make and having everyone around them enjoy it as much as they did. They certainly did this.

The set was great with each playing a Illionaire back catalogue of some of their fan favourites and hits and even showcasing a few new gems – such as DOK2’s Future Flame – which helped to get the crowd more hyped up throughout the performance.

I had the chance to speak to a few people during the night and regardless how long they’d been fans or how much they knew about Illionaire overall everyone had the same opinion of the night. It was hard to deny that Illionaire are some of the key players in the Korean hiphop scene and these guys are talented as hell. Maybe next time they come to the UK they should just pick better promoters.

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