Recommendations of the Week: Hip-Hop 2

Hey guys, Sasha again! It’s been a little while since I last posted up one of these lists and I’m unsure how many people actually read them and listened to the music but I’m going to make this a monthly thing.


Geeks (긱스) – Hold it down

Starting the list with a song that I have loved since its release a few months ago. What starts of as a rather slow-paced song soon develops into a somewhat laid back but heavily hip-hop influenced beat that the listener should feel comfortable with right away. The distinct voices of Lil Boi’ and Louis make this song a refreshing listen each and every time.


Baby Nine (베이비나인) – Baby Boy

I get the feeling that here lies another song that might have been widely overlooked and missed by many besides me and a few other keen eyes. Baby nine is a member of the crew Jiggy Fellaz and I often find it goes a little quiet when looking for new music from him. However, I did enjoy this song last year so it deserves a mention.


Beenzino – Nike Shoes (Feat. Dynamic Duo) 

Now before you take a listen to the song don’t be put off by the title of it, as I was at first. This song has quickly become one of my favourite songs to listen to when I’m working on something as it seems to chill me out a lot. A good song to listen to along with:


Beenzino (빈지노) – Aqua Man 

Another song from Beenzino which I tend to listen to along with Nike shoes. Both songs are overflowing with old school hip-hop beats that are definitely to be recommended to put you into a laid back mood.


Verbal Jint – You Deserve Better (Beautiful Enough)

Verbal Jint, right here I declare my undying love for you. For years now you have made music that has suited each of my moods and always puts me in the right frame of mind but with this you outdone yourself. THIS. IS. BEAUTIFUL! The first time I heard this song and watched the MV for it I recall tearing up a little (I can admit to this). The message behind the song and the feeling that is put into it makes it one of my favourite Verbal Jint songs.


Supreme Team – Respect My Money (Dirty Version)

I feel that if a list is being made I have to include one Supreme Team song on it and because I love this song this shall be it! This song gets stuck in my head every so often for long periods of time and this week seems to be the point at which it has chosen to get stuck in my head. The beat, the grunts, the lyrics, everything in this song is on point. An old song but a much-loved one (by me anyway).


Psy – Thank You (Feat. Suh Inyoung) 

Psy, an ongoing popular choice amongst fans of Korean music and people who had never listened to it before. If I am being entirely honest I have never been much of a fan of Gangnam Style. Yes it is very catchy and gets stuck in your head but that is it.  I much prefer his older music and while this song is only from his previous album it is still a song that connects more with me.


Crucial Star – I Just Wanna

I love this song and I love Crucial Star to the point of really wishing he would come and do a show in the UK. I would pay good money to see him and so many other hip-hop artists. So someone take this and post it somewhere you think he would see it and tell him the UK is requesting him!


Dr Gimm (김박사) – Mama

Mama is the third song released by Dr. Gimm and it is a pretty catchy song. I have to say I was far from impressed with the MV but really who needs one when you have such a catchy song! Gimm is a member of the crew New Block Babyz and I have to admit myself though I find this song pretty addictive right now I still prefer this:


Dr Gimm (김박사) – Only You

In order to fully understand why this is such a great song you must first listen to Gimm’s first release; that’s very hot. Although Gimm has a wonderful acoustic version of that’s very hot the original one was a little annoying.  Only you however is a very well-constructed song with lyrics and a beat that work well with together which helps to keep the listener doing exactly as they should be, listening.


GIRIBOY & Lil Boi (of Geeks) – 한잔해요 (Han Jan Hae Yo)

If I’m honest I would happily create an entire playlist consisting of only Lil Boi simply because I find him adorable. So him with added Giriboy……………it makes me all happy! The song is good and quite a mellow listening experience so enjoy.


So we end here again until the next recommendation list; if you have a suggestion of a song or artist you would like to see please leave it below in the comments. Until next time Beyond Hallyu readers.

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