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I am a (not so) secret dancer. I dance at work, I dance when I’m shopping; dammit I even dance when I’m supposed to be having serious conversations with people. I might even be dancing right now (Please note that the writer of this is currently typing away and dancing). So my little secret dancer heart loves finding music I can throw around my arms to (I didn’t say I was a good dancer) from Glen Check to The Koxx anything with an indie beat and good rhythm gets me up and moving about. So it was a joyous day when I came across Glen Check label buddy and Electro-Rock band WHOwho!

Releasing their first EP in 2013 this rising group make it damn near impossible not to like them with songs designed to get listeners moving along. Whilst some have noted that the group does at points sound quite similar to other artists, it’s the smaller things that make them stand out in a highly synth based crowd of talent. The group could very easily gain themselves a following of international listeners much like fan popular group The Koxx as their songs as written and sung in English, which could help them to appeal to a wider demographic. With the help of their record label SoundHolic, we were lucky enough to be able to ask the group a few questions about themselves and their music. Hopefully this helps them to reach out to a newer base of fans.

Firstly can you introduce yourself to our readers and tell us how the group came together?

The group’s vocalist Jun wanted to try making the style of music we are creating now so he gathered us all together to do so. He started with Yohan and the other members joined later.

How did the group’s name WHOwho come about?

There’s a funny story behind our band’s name. When we assembled this band we spent all the money we had on the gear we needed in order to actually play and renting out a studio. We were so broke that our favourite cheap meal became burgers. Because French Fries are pronounced “Hoorench Hoories” in Korean and we picked the name of our band from the first consonant sound of it! We would like listeners to embrace our music in an easy way, since our motto is “dance silly, play sexy.” We would be happy and grateful if you make your own definition out of it though.

Describe the music the group creates in 3 words:

Dance, dance, dance

To new listeners just discovering your music which one of your songs would you recommend listening to?

We would recommend the most recent track called ‘Her’. The track seems the most easy and comfortable to listen to.

Which artists influence WHOwho to create the music you do?

We are influenced by many genres and artists. We try to listen to music as much as we can without regarding genres. Also we are influenced not only by music but also by art, videos and many other areas of artistic expression that can be linked back to music.

You stand out as a group because you have chosen to sing in English, rather than Korean. Is there any particular reason for this?

Our vocalist Jun used to live in New Zealand and while there the music he listened to a lot of the time and had a habit of singing was in English. We just realised that our music seemed to fit English lyrics well and it looked good.

Continuing from the above question do you think this could help you connect better with international fans?

We think that it should have a good effect, hopefully. We hope to be active both in Korea and internationally and it helps in a good way.

What with the rise in alternative music from international fans are there any hopes for an international tour?

We want to go anywhere in the world where they want us to perform.

You are signed under popular label SoundHolic alongside other amazing groups such as PosT PANiC, Common Ground and Glen Check. What makes WHOwho stand out amongst so many other talented musicians?

Good music will stand out in every place. Not only with our albums do we stand out but we also think we can stand out with our live performances.

Which musicians and groups impress you?

There are so many great artists around the world. In fact there are too many good musicians so we are always worried about whether or not we can hear them all, or a majority, whilst we are alive.

What are your plans for the next few years?

To continue to make good music, attend many festivals make a lot of interesting things! Please look forward to what will happen next!

Is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

First of all thanks for the attention. This year we have plans to release a full-length album. If you could all continue to show interest in us (or show new interest) as we are coming back with better music, please wait. We hope that we can be together soon!

Huge thanks to SoundHolic for giving us the opportunity to ask the group a few questions and to the group for their great answers.

You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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