Korean Music Interview… again: PATiENTS on their latest album and return to the UK

If you don’t know them already, PATiENTS are a three-piece punk rock band who have been together for 10 years. We interviewed the group last year when they came to the UK for the first time. We recently caught up with them again as they prepared to plays shows here once more over the next couple of weeks. They are taking part in the KCC’s indie showcase on Tuesday followed by two performances as part of the Liverpool Sound City festival. Full details are at the bottom of this article. They also told us all about their new album, 18. Make sure you check our previous interview for more information about the group.

You’ve just released your second album, 18. How would you describe the music on the album?

On 18, there are two different ideas. Half of the songs contain lyrics that criticize but have upbeat, energetic sounds and the rest of the tracks are about seeking pleasure and enjoyment and also have an upbeat, energetic sound. So basically, the sounds on the album are upbeat and energetic no matter what we’re saying in the lyrics! We hope people enjoy the album.

How was your experience performing in the UK last year and why did you decide to come back?

Our tour in the UK last year was so much fun! We wanted to come back for another tour because we made wonderful friends and met great audiences, musicians, and promoters there. We’re really excited about playing in London and Liverpool again this month.

What have you been doing in the time since you were last in the UK?

Last summer we went to Taiwan to play a few concerts and perform at Taipei’s Beastie Rock Festival. And after that we devoted a lot of energy to making 18. It was a very busy time for us. It’s been 12 months since our first UK tour, but that time just flew by. It was like we blinked and a year passed.

Do you think your musical sound has developed since then?

Definitely! While recording 18, we all improved as musicians and developed a deeper understanding of the different sounds each member creates. I think this has definitely made us stronger as a band.

Do you think interest in Korean alternative music has grown more outside of Korea in the past year?

Yes! Many musicians, people in the Korean music scene, and even the Korean government have made efforts to help Korean indie music grow around the world. I like this because it is a continuous effort – and not just a one-time thing – to help the local music scene expand and grow globally. Patients have a responsibility to help with this too so we want to make good impressions with audiences overseas. Hopefully we can help people get more interested in Korean music and they’ll want to look for other artists to check out after seeing or hearing us.

You’re playing in Liverpool and London again this time around. Which city did you prefer playing in last year?

Our shows in London and Southampton were really great, but I loved played at Liverpool Sound City the most. We had so much fun at the festival last year and can’t wait to play there again.

Do you have any plans for when you’re not playing?

I want to visit the Victoria and Albert Museum while I’m in London. Hyuckjang wants to visit some different football stadiums because he’s a big fan of some of the UK teams. Jaehyuk loves instrument shops, so he’ll be looking to visit as many of those as he can while we’re in the UK.

One of your gigs in Liverpool this year is on a tall ship as part of the Sound City festival. That will be a unique experience. Are you looking forward to it?

Absolutely! We’re really excited about that show. A part of our song Sipalsegi talks about sailing on a tall ship. There is a saying in Korea about musicians usually following their songs. I believe it to be true, so I was laughing when I heard about the tall ship gig.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

After our UK tour, we’re going to play at the Soundholic Festival 2015 Exit in Seoul on May 30 and then we’re going to play an album release concert in Seoul on June 12 too at Sangsang Madang. At the June 12 show, we’re going to collaborate with the graphic artist Parpunk. He is like our fourth member.

In addition to those gigs, we’ll be doing lots of shows this summer, autumn, and winter in Korean clubs. And we’re looking at options for more overseas touring too.

Tour dates

19th May – Korean Cultural Centre UK, London

23rd May – The Heineken Tall Ship Stage (Kaskelot), Liverpool (as part of Liverpool Sound City)

24th May – The Cavern Stage, Liverpool (as part of Liverpool Sound City)

You can find PATiENTS on Facebook and their album is available on Bandcamp and iTunes.

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