Korean Indie Interview: Tripper Sound’s 24Hours

We have already brought our readers two interviews from Tripper Sound’s amazing listing of talented groups. Firstly it was Coreyah, the talented folk group mixing lesser known international sounds and blending it together with the traditional tones of pansori. Then it was Phonebooth, the long running Rock ‘N’ Roll band who have fought  uphill battles in order to bypass the barriers faced by Rock groups in Korea. This time we bring you are third interview and it involves a group that are very far from dull, 24Hours. Formed in 2010, this young Garage Rock group (who you can tell have been influenced by British Rock groups) have impressed many listeners and critics with their sharp energy and instantly engaging music.

Quickly becoming a fan favourite amongst fans of Alternative Korean music and even K-pop fans (due to Eat Your Kimchi’s mention of them) we find out a little about the group and their influences.

Can you introduce our readers to your group and tell us how you formed?

We are the Korean Garage Rock band 24Hours. 24Hours are a group of high school friends who have always shared the same music dream.

How would you describe your music to a first time listener in just three words?

Flame, Korean Fried Chicken and Alcohol!

How do you feel about the positive response alternative Korean music is having with fans outside of Korea?

We think all music is domestic music but there is definitely a difference between Korean emotion in music and the emotion you get from artists in other countries. It’s powerful, that is the reason why so many people are more interested in Korean music right now.

Does the music you listen to influence the music you create? Who are you currently listening to?

We are really influenced by British Bands and artists such as Arctic Monkeys, Oasis, Miles Kane, Kasabian, The Kooks and The Beatles. Recently though we are listening to The Strypes, M83, Gossip, Charles Bradley, Phoenix and Foxes.

Are there any artists you would recommend?

The Rapture, The Strokes, Two Door Cinema Club, The Whitest Boy Alive, The Dear Hunter, Beady Eye, Foals, Mystery Jets, Muse and Justice.

If you could pick 2 places around the world to tour where would they be and why?

We would actually pick 3 places. The groups’ choice would be the UK to begin with as it’s what we consider to be the nation of true musicians and rock! Because there are many artists we like from the UK we would love to go there. Also because we think that if we go there it will be possible to create the same emotion that The Beatles did with their fans. (Vocalists Choice) Portugal because it’s a beautiful nation and all of us would really like to eat egg tart! (Guitarists choice) Turkey. I think Turkey coexists with Islamic culture and European culture which makes it interesting to me, so I will go there soon.

What would you say sets you apart from other groups within your genre?

When people watch our performances they feel like they want to keep watching them again and again. We think it’s because people can feel that we give off a powerful spirit on stage and our youth comes shining through.

If you had to play another genre of music which would it be and why?

(Vocalists choice) I think I would choose to play Radiohead’s music. I have endless desire for the sound of it. (Guitarists choice) Electronic music. When Justice, Chemical Brothers and Skrillex came to Korean and I watched their videos and heard their music my soul was captured by it all. All the sounds and images, I want to play music that can create a good sound and image.

What are your plans for the future?

(Vocalists choice) I want to have a daughter who is the same as me. (Guitarists choice) I hope that we will become famous in Korea, then we would like to show both our music and performances to people in other countries. (Other group members) We hope that 24Hours achieves recognition for our music around the world!

Where are your favourite venues to play?

CLUB FF in Hongdae or any venue which creates the mood for both the audience and musicians to enjoy the performance.

Is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

Thank you for reading our interview. We will continue to keep create and play our music and hope you will come and see 24Hours if we are able to hold concerts in other nations. Please show an interest in 24Hours!!


Thank you very much to Tripper Sound for setting up the interview with 24Hours and to the group for taking time to answer some of our questions.

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