[Interview] Victim Mentality on SXSW and how “really, really amazing” they are

Mavericks of the Korean metal scene Victim Mentality recently tore up Austin, Texas during giant international music festival SXSW with their signature brand of brash and unforgiving yet hilarious glam and heavy metal. After their big performance at K-pop Night Out Showcase, they took time out of their busy schedule of being the best to answer a few of our questions.

With all the directness and machismo of a group that recently released a song called “I Hate Hiphop”, Victim Mentality has been telling Beyond Hallyu all about how “really, really amazing” their performance was and how ashamed you should be if you, somehow, haven’t heard of them.

First off, for those out there who have not heard of Victim Mentality, can you introduce yourselves to Beyond Hallyu readers?

We’re always shocked to learn that there are people who may not have heard of us yet! It’s seems absolutely unbelievable to us. For those who have been living under a rock, we’re the Korean heavy metal band Victim Mentality. You should love us because we’re awesome and we need more money!

The group has had a bit of a line-up change, have things settled with that?

Yes! Things are going very well with Victim Mentality now.

I read in another interview that you are ‘originals’ within your particular genre of music (particularly in Korea). Are you hoping to influence the younger generation of artists to seek out their glam rock roots?

We’re originals everywhere – not just in Korea. I think we can have a huge influence on the world of real heavy metal and glam metal. Someday we’ll be one of those core bands that people seek out when they want to learn about the roots of a musical style.

What is the reaction to Victim Mentality in Korea?

Every time people in Korea and around the world see us, their reaction is scorching hot.

You recently performed at SXSW for the second straight year. How did this visit differ from last year?

People said we were a lot better this year than last year. And we were fantastic last year, so our gigs at this year’s festival must have been really, really amazing!


Which song would you recommend to new listeners of your music?

They should listen to our new single, ‘I Hate Hiphop.’ We released it in March right before we went to the US to play at SXSW. After that, check out ‘Don’t Spit on Me,’ ‘Heavy Metal Is Back,’ and ‘Pubic Lice.’

Qkay, quick question time. Korea or Texas?


Soju or beer?


Heavy metal or glam metal?

Heavy metal

A lifetime supply of meat or a chance to top the charts around the world?

The chance to top charts around the world.

Give us three words (other than sex) to describe Victim Mentality.

Elegant, sexy, gorgeous

On March 10th the group released ‘I Hate Hiphop’ which was your first release with new guitarist Die-Amond. Are there any other releases we can look out for this year? (Maybe ‘I Hate Idols’)

We’ll be releasing another new song very soon. Maybe you can hear our next single in May or June. You’ll love it!

Any final words for our readers?

Do not be afraid of metal. It’s nice music and we’re nice people. Listen to Victim Mentality. I know you’ll love us. And I hope all of you have lots of love in your life too.

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