Korean Indie Interview: KCON LA Concert Opening Act, COREMAGAZINE

The second night of KCon LA 2015 was filled with screaming fans as they waited for the final concert to begin. As the lights dimmed our ears were treated to, not the normal sugary sweet pop music we expect of k-pop, but something more rock infused. Core Magazine entered the stage and stole the hearts of many. As I was leaving the event later that evening, I overheard many people asking for information on “that cool rock band from earlier.” A few weeks later, I was able to have a quick chat with the band and find out how they felt performing during KCon LA.

Can you introduce yourself and what instruments you play to your new fans?

We are Korean Pop band CoreMagazine. Our music is based on Synth pop in 80’s, but we do not stay in the past, we are trying to make it modern. I (Junghun Ryu) play guitar, and Giwon Kim plays drum, Mingyu Kang (the youngest among us) plays the synthesizer, and Inhak Song sings.

How long have you played together as a band?

It has been 4 years with current members.

How did you come up with the name of your band?

We just came across it while walking down the street. We actually don’t put a huge meaning on our name. When the music is good, the name sounds good too. You know.

Your last album, Rude Banquet, was released in 2014. Do you have any plans to release new music?

We’ve already released a single Hot Girl in July. Another single will be soon released in September and new EP album too in this Autumn.

You recently performed at KCon LA, the largest Korean entertainment convention in the United States. How did that come about?

Coremagazine has been supported by CJ Culture Foundation since we selected by one of its programmes, CJ Tune Up,, and the Foundation chose us as a band to play at KCON.

How did you feel performing at the Staples Center in front of thousands of fans?

It was awesome to play in such a meaningful place where the Grammy and concerts of many stars were held.




 How do you feel about the positive response indie Korean music is having on fans outside of Korea?

First of all we are grateful for the attention from overseas. We are eager to prove that the Korean wave is not only made up of Idols. It would be great to see other Korean bands performing overseas starting from us, and we would love to go overseas over again.

What’s next for Core Magazine?

In short-term, to release an album in Autumn and hold a concert within this year, and in long-term, to be a band busy both in Korea and overseas.

Any future plans on touring outside of Korea?

Nothing planned yet, but we are constantly trying and we will go for it when there comes a good chance.

Anything you’d like to say to your fans?

Please give us a continued attention. That will be a great support and energy for us to go overseas. Support us at SNS and please come to see our performance if possible. We will make sure that you can hear our music in your country. Thank you!

Thank you to Core Magazine for taking the time out of their busy schedule to chat with us. To learn more about them, follow them on Twitter or Facebook, and check out their video below:



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