Electro rockers Love X Stereo are asking fans for support crowdfunding their next EP

With the both the Korean public and international K-pop fans generally more interested in idols, ballads and rappers, it can be hard for artists in other genres to make any kind of living – no matter how good they are.

That might be why LOVE X STEREO have taken things into their own hands with a crowd funding campaign to fund the second part of their We Love We Leave series of EPs. The group have had a strong international outlook from the beginning playing various shows in North America, including SXSW, and most recently the Vans New Wave Musicfest 2015 in Bangalore, India.

They’re asking fans to pre-order the album and support the band giving options that range from $10 for a lapel pin to $5000 for a trip to Korea, a concert and a day out with lead singer Annie. There’s also a rare vinyl release, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Hey everyone! We’re super excited to announce the official launch of pre-orders for We Love We Leave, Part 2! We’ve…

Posted by Love X Stereo on Tuesday, 5 January 2016

They’ve been around for a few years but if you haven’t heard the group yet you should definitely check them out. If you’re a fan of synthpop and electro rock, you won’t be disappointed. The EP’s namesake We Love We Leave released last year is their best song to date with moments reminiscent of CHVRCHES but somehow both more chilled out and punchier with a similar penchant for big 80s-inspired synths. If the preview on this campaign is anything to go by we can expect more where that came from in the next album.

So if you want to support Love X Stereo, head over and pledge. You can also check them out on Facebook and Twitter and if you live in North America, you can request your city as a stop in their upcoming tour.

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