BH Playlist: Hallyu After Dark

The holiday season is upon us! In addition to gathering with family and friends to celebrate togetherness, some of us are getting together with significant others. Whether you are getting ready to have a quiet dinner by candle light or headed out for a night of dancing, the Hallyu After Dark playlist is here to get you in the mood. Enjoy the soulful sounds of Verbal Jint, Crucial Star and Ill Jeans to help you unwind and get ready for love.

Track Listing

Crucial Star – Chocoholic (Rebirth) (Produced by G-Slow)

ILL JEANZ – Take It Slow

BNR – Did Not Saying Anything (아무 말도 없었다 (feat. Ann)

Loco ft. Crush- Hold Me Tight

40(포티) _ Black(블랙) (feat. Swings(스윙스))

As One(애즈원) _ For the night(오늘같은 날)

크러쉬 (Crush) – Give It To Me (feat. Jay Park, Simon Dominic)

Eddy Kim(에디킴) – The Manual(너 사용법)

S.M. THE BALLAD Vol.1(에스엠 더 발라드)- Hot Times

Verbal Jint – 깨알같아

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