BH Playlist: Ctrl-Alt-K

This week’s playlist is all about Korean alternative bands. We have seen a lot of changes in the way alternative musicians promote their music both in and outside of Korean. As the K-Indie scene has quickly been able to attract more listeners allowing them to expand easily into the mainstream Korean market and internationally, the more alternative/rock scene have also shown more confidence in expanding their ground to foreign listeners. After some successful concerts and participation in festivals overseas, the K-Rock scene is leaving a visible imprint internationally and ensuring that people are aware that Koreans know not only how to rock but also how to create great music that represents them.

The playlist focusses on a couple of the of those alternative musicians who represent themselves with rock and experimental punk music from Eloise (엘루이즈) and Jowal(조월) to Candy(캔디) and Bullssazo(불싸조).  As with most alternative musician you can really capture a distinct and new sound with each of the artists featured in the playlist and while you may have heard of some (such as Jowal and Hellivision), others bring something new for the ears to feast on! So relax or perhaps rock along to the playlist and enjoy.

Let us know in the comments below which artists you enjoyed!

Guest post written by Charlie, you can find more of her playlists here and she also writes about Korean indie and alternative music in Portuguese.

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