BH Playlist: 10 female rappers and where to find their music

*Reader and listener warning: Those who have come for the likes of CL and Hyuna please turn back. Unfortunately for you they will not be featured on this particular list.

Whilst the discussion of female rappers has increased the knowledge of said rappers and the ability to source their music is something that many fans have difficultly coming by. This is in part due to the lack of translated information available online for international fans and in part down to fans simply not being in the know of where to find the artists music.

This is where Soundcloud comes in. Now for those who don’t know what Soundcloud is it’s basically a place where people can upload and promote their own originally created music, which, for underground rappers, is great! For a while now, both male and female rappers have been readily uploading their music and making it available (sometimes as snippets from upcoming mini-albums and sometimes full blown songs ready to download) for their fans to download. The only downside to this has been the fact that this seems to have completely bypassed some of their fans. So talented rappers are uploading music that eager fans are sometimes simply not getting the oppourtuinity to hear.

However despite this little hiccup the occasional male underground rapper will find a way, despite the odds, of leaving his mark on the mainstream market and international fan’s hearts *put your hands up Beenzino and Mad Clown*. But what about the female rappers?! Well, lovers of underground female rappers. never fear! We here at Beyond Hallyu feel your pain and have compiled a nice little selection of some of our favourite female underground rappers…that can be easily found on SOUNDCLOUND. Yay!

We hope you found some artists you may not have heard of before or maybe you came across a few songs that you knew but simply could not track down!

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  • burt reynolds

    I’m already sold on the first track!

  • whateverwha

    What is Jolly V saying about Tymee, Tasha, etc? I’m so curious…translation khiphop sites, please help lol

  • Dierdre Bateson

    Way to go girl 😀
    dierdre @

  • Seti Tesefay

    I love CL, but she needs to release a solo album before i can really consider her a rapper/ hip-hop artists. I love her singles, but you need a body of work to show your craft.