10 of the best Korean music videos of the week feat. BoA, Sunggyu and more

Yes, it’s that time of the week again. As promised in the title, here are 10 of the best music videos of the week

1. Hugh Keice x Park Soyu – Milk Tea

Hugh Keice was one of the first artists we ever interviewed back in 2012 when he was based in London. In the time since he’s been doing more work in Korea and most recently he’s released this fantastic track with Park Soyu. Not only is it a great song, it also has a really fun and entertaining video that is well worth a watch.

2. Sunggyu – Kontrol

Infinite’s Sunggyu is back with a solo album for the first time in three years promoted by two lead singles. I was ready to write this album off after hearing the rather clichéd It Needs To Be You but, after some persuasion from a rather Infinite-obsessed friend, I gave this second track a chance. One of the things that most put me off It Needs To Be You was the lyrical similarity to Neon Bunny’s fantastic It’s You – a constant reminder of what a great track I could be listening to instead. But, funnily enough, the thing that saves Kontrol from the tweeness of the other video and makes it a really enjoyable listen is an electronica backing track that would find itself at home on a Neon Bunny album.

3. Arumi – I Like Delicious Things

This song is a slightly cheesy acoustic track of the kind that can be regularly on the Korean indie scene. What makes this release interesting is the adorable mixed-media stop motion animation that is great fun to watch. If you like it Arumi released another video in a similar style for the track A Day Permeated By You (the title sounds better in Korean).

4. mNine feat. KittiB – Good Night

A mid-tempo hip hop and RnB track that is listenable if not exactly groundbreaking.

5. Danny Arens – More than Air Jordans

The bar for non-Koreans making music in Korean is not always set that high but Used Cassettes have been causing a bit of a storm on the Korean indie scene with the great music they’ve produced over the past couple of years. This song by lead singer Danny Arens is a really nice chill out acoustic track. The lyrics have a certain charm listing all the thing he likes you more than like chocolate cheesecake and, of course, Air Jordans. Also, be on the lookout fora brief cameo from Dynamic Duo’s Choiza.

6. BoA – Kiss My Lips

She’s finally back! Ok so technically BoA came back last week with the track Who Are You? but I found that song distinctly underwhelming. Kiss My Lips is a much stronger track although it could probably do with being sped up a little. The dance is a little simple for such an accomplished dancer but it’s BoA and she could make the hokey cokey look elegant and refined.

7. Jung Yup – My Valentine

I’m sure there are lots of people who would happily watch this video just to stare at Lee Jong-suk for four minutes. Alas, I am not one of those people but I would be content to stick around just for Jung Yup’s super smooth vocals.

8. Phonebooth – Hide & Seek

Another group we’ve interviewed a while back. Hide and Seek is a rock track with much cleaner sound than much of their earlier work although it does maintain a slight edge.

9. VinylHouse – Negative Love

This is a fun, upbeat electronic track with a really cool little video filmed on a miniature set built completely of cardboard. I’d love to find out how long it took to create all the scenery and characters.

10. PATiENTS – Bad Fingers

It feels like PATiENTS have slightly taken over BH this week between our interview with them and their upcoming UK tour. This video came out at the start of the week and it just had to included in the list. It’s a bouncy and playful track with a suitably playful video which sees the group play blind man’s bluff except everyone is blindfold which slightly defeats the purpose of the game. There may be a metaphor here but it’s lost in the carefree approach of both the song and video.


They tried to be It G Ma. They didn’t quite make it. What else can I say?

That’s it again for this week. As always, tell us what you like, what you didn’t like and give us your recommendations for the week.

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  • Berbacat

    Thanks Lizzie. The VinylHouse track is a gem!!!! Many thanks for that

    • http://beyondhallyu.com/ Lizzie (beyondhallyu)

      Definitely one of my favourites from this week.