Who Were You Again? 5 K-pop Groups You May Not Remember

Over the years there have been hundreds of groups that have debuted; from male idol groups hoping to be the next SHINee and Big Bang to female groups filled to the brim with imitations of all your favourite (and sometimes most annoying) idols! However unfortunately for majority of these groups, fame did not occur for them in the way they might have expected and many have simply drifted away, becoming a distant memory in the minds of a few K-Pop fans. But not to us! We love the groups that others have forgotten and feel that it’s the hits and misses of the K-pop world that make being a fan so pleasurable. So sit back and enjoy rediscovering 5 groups you may have forgotten.

April Kiss – Hello Bus

Ah April Kiss, the group that was hailed as the next ‘big thing’ in the K-Pop world. Not only did they supposedly have the overall package (looks, charisma and talent) but they were also deemed by their company as the ‘female version of 2PM’ who were all set to dethrone Girls Generation and 2NE1. Strong words to have for a group that had yet to debut.

So where did it all go wrong?

Well for starters they were as far away from 2PM as you could possibly get. With a song that sounded more like a mix between dropped songs from a 4minute album and old school T-ara, their 15 minutes of fame was over in around 2. Although their company attempted to scrape back the interest of fans with performances on every major music show and awards ceremony going at the time, it seemed that there was no hope for the group as attention went elsewhere. Each stage was watched with little to no reaction from fans and as quickly as the group had appeared, they disappeared, all before having released an actual MV!

Are they still going?

Although the group have yet to officially disband it would be pretty safe to bet that they are no longer together as they have not released anything since 2011.

A-Peace (Double B 21) – Lover Boy

Let’s all be honest now, who actually recalls Double B 21? If you answered no to this question you might not be shocked to read that you are not alone. In fact, rather a lot of people forgot about the new ‘wonder idol group’ the second their first subunit A-Peace had released the MV for Lover Boy. Labelled (by their company) as a mix between Japanese super group AKB48 and fan favourite elder group Super Junior, this group should have been a hit!

So where did it all go wrong?

The group stalled in Korea and barely gained fans. Was it the fact that there were simply far too many faces for fans to remember? Perhaps. However it’s more likely down to them being below par and shockingly generic. So when they failed to release another MV after (or even debut another one of their subunits), nobody was particularly bothered. In fact they appear to be entirely washed from the memory of K-Pop fans! When the now beloved group EXO later debuted there was no mention of this much bigger group when fans expressed their bemusement at the number of members they had. 21 budding idols simply erased without an afterthought.

Are they still going?

Shockingly yes! The entire 21 member group (Double B 21) no longer perform in Korea having not released songs there since 2011. However they tour and work in Japan and have had a steady release of songs over the past few years.

New F.O – Bounce

This group had it all! Major backing from a well-known K-Pop news (or is that gossip and slander?) site, financial help from 6theory (the company behind said news site) and the eyes of countless fans (and readers) on them eagerly awaiting their debut. All they had to do was release an amazing song (which no doubt they would, right?!?) and the K-Pop world would be theirs for the taking. Move over Girls Generation!

So where did it all go wrong?

They didn’t actually have it all; rather they were missing a lot. For instance any form of actual talent that wasn’t auto-tuned. The song was mediocre, the dance was simple but not catching and in the land of K-Pop where many MVs make little to no sense, the MV was just confusing as hell! It was all a little too unfortunate for words and when they disbanded shortly after nobody seemed to mind. Their mark on the K-Pop world was not made.

Are they still going?

Not at all! Shortly after the release of their MV three of the girls left the group, only to be followed a while later by the other two. 6theory had failed to conquer the K-Pop world.

CHAOS – She Is Coming

Now here is something a little different on the list, CHAOS were actually rather popular with fans! Their song was catchy, the MV was simple and each member appeared to be rather likeable. It all seemed like it would work for the group as they were able to gain some positive exposure and even went on to release two mini albums, ‘Racer’ and ‘Kiss Kiss’. Surely the world of K-Pop was their oyster?

So where did it all go wrong?

Although fans had come to easily love the group following their strong debut (which was described by many K-Pop fans as one of the best debuts from a male idol group) the group simply failed to follow the success of their first song. They faced a lack of publicity from their company, delays between releases and a drop in sales when their mini albums were eventually released.

Are they still going?

Unfortunately, no. After a short break following their final release and little to no word from the group’s company on when they would be making a comeback, the group decided to disband just 16 months after debuting. Their decision to disband, which was reported to be a mutual one made by all members, went on to show fans that even groups with the best debuts and high fan interest can struggle to be successful in the world of K-Pop.

Six Bomb – Chiki Chiki Bomb

Surely with a name like Six Bomb you would imagine they would have six members? If you did, you would be wrong. They actually had five members, five very, very bland members. From the song to the MV, everything about this group seemed to be lacking. Everything but their hair! That magical, magical hair that had very clearly taken the group’s entire budget. Good move for hair, bad move for assisting with their move into the land K-Pop.

So where did it all go wrong?

The hair simply was not enough to save them. Like many other groups before them they simply did not have the impact expected by their company on fans or any of the charts. The group was hardly a stand out and their song is likely to be left in a very dark corner in the warehouse of  K-Pop failures.

Are they still going?

Following members leaving for numerous reasons, from injuries to changes of contract, the group disbanded whilst working on their second album. Although two of the members attempted to make a comeback as a duo a year after disbandment, their second attempt at idol success ended much the same as their first. Proof that, as unfortunate as it is, a career as a idol is not for everyone.

Did you recall any of the groups featured and if you did were you a fan? Leave us a comment below. Also let us know other forgotten groups (idol, indie or any other genre) you recall but many others have forgotten and we may feature them on our next list!

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  • Sammie1988

    DNT and JQT!

    • http://beyondhallyu.com/ sasha_BH

      Thank you for the suggestions!

    • stranger

      DNT had good music and mv’s tho. just wasn’t popular enough.

      • stranger

        just realized: woah im too late to the partay. my bad.

      • Jay J. Mork

        Actually Junyong, Taerang and Chiho are now promoting under the name D&T in Japan, still performing all their old discography.

  • PunkyPrincess92

    i actually remember the name ‘April Kiss’
    remember A-Peace and had no idea they were called Double B 21….
    and i remember Chaos!
    but honestly i have never listened to any of them…just so many rookie groups that i couldn’t (and still can’t) be bothered…^^;;
    but the latest group i have paid attention to is Mamamoo!! they’re AMA~ZING!!

  • http://nynyonline.co.uk/ NyNy

    So many rookie groups that I don’t know any of these guys at all…><

    • http://beyondhallyu.com/ sasha_BH

      Special talent of remembering the groups you don’t want to, so you don’t have to! Available for parties.

  • Viande

    Too many “new” groups to remember but I do remember A-Peace (or whatever their group was named then) and their song Loverboy. Everyone was saying they had too many members. Most of the members were there to just add numbers.
    There have been many groups who declared to be next ‘Girl’s Generation’ but failed to live up to the expectations. (Remember Chi Chi?)

    • http://beyondhallyu.com/ sasha_BH

      Often members are added to ‘bulk out’ groups and then used as faces. Fans know this it’s just easier to act like they don’t.

      I recall Chi Chi! Love was not their energy apparently.

  • Bryan Lim

    These are a few groups I used to love back then…

    Swincle – Shake Ur Body(2011)
    I really liked these girls when they debuted and they did get some attention for member Jisoo being a pre-debut Rainbow member. But supposedly, their manager was a gangster(WTF?) and threatened the CEO of the company to pay him $5,000 a month and give him company shares. He even was able to convince the members to terminate their contracts.

    TOUCH-Let’s Walk Together
    I’m pretty sure this wasn’t their debut song but still it was very cute and the song was great. But now the group has mediocre popularity in Japan and they kept on changing members. As of now, only 2 of the 5 members originally debuted with the group.

    Co-Ed School – Too Late
    Before anyone says anything. I am perfectly aware that they are now F-ve Dolls and SPEED. I feel that K-pop needs a co-ed group like this now. I still listen to Too Late and Bberibom Bberibom on my phone on repeat but they’re so good. And quite frankly, F-ve Dolls and SPEED aren’t really that great on their own for me. Especially F-ve Dolls.

    Cross Gene – La Di Da Di
    I think the reason that Cross Gene isn’t as popular as it was when they debuted was because of the departure of main vocalist J.G, who supposedly left the group for a solo career in China(BTW, has he even released any songs yet?) The reason many people loved their debut album, I think was because of J.G’s super vocals that was able to carry it through. And now, while I don’t have anything against Seyong and Yongseok, they’re just not vocally powerful enough.

    I have tons more groups in mind but these are my top one. Sorry for taking up so much space. :)

    • http://beyondhallyu.com/ sasha_BH

      Do not apologise for this response was a great one to read! All of them were things I would have (and still may) use. Actually one is an option I was planning to use on the next list but may wait to use for the third one now. Thank you for sharing the comment!
      Also if you write that much in a comment, why not send us a submission?

  • http://ciarajames.wordpress.com/ Ciara || Six:Eleven

    This is such a great idea! I love it!
    I don’t recall any of the groups mentioned on the list. But a 21 member boy band?! I remember hearing about Seventeen (are they still together? have they disbanded…yet?), but not 21 members. I’m glad to see that they’re still active thought. I think with the amount of members they have, they would do better in Japan. I feel like for Korea 13 is the cutoff limit.

    I really liked Chaos! They’re vocals, the song, the choreo – everything just came together and it was fantastic! I would love to see them on IS2. I feel like they would do well on there. If only they were still together. I can’t wait to see the next installment of this!

    • http://beyondhallyu.com/ sasha_BH

      I seem to recall a lot of groups that others simply do not (special talent!) so these lists may go on for a long while now :’)

      Currently working on list number two. Agree that there is a cutoff point but even 13 is pushing it for me. I have a hard time recalling names at 6!

      Seventeen appear to have not disbanded yet btw.

      • http://ciarajames.wordpress.com/ Ciara || Six:Eleven

        Yay! I’m excited to see the second list! And I agree. 13 is too much. I seriously never thought I would learn the names of SUJU or EXO, for that matter, and I did. -___- But eh, lol. And, that’s surprising. Hopefully Seventeen will stay around for awhile.

      • https://www.canva.com/design/DACoz-hZYrU/bwCOMB8ExpLBY1vbgohNGA/edit Robin Wangai

        They debuted a few years ago.

    • Xu MingMing

      Seventeen hasnt even debuted yet. Their doing that whole WINNER thing, whereas Apeace techenically had quite a few fuck-ups in their debut. First of all, only Sky (one of four? how one evenly divides 21 by 4 i’ll never know) debuted on tv, whereas they did have a live stage after they released their second single S.O.S. with a member line-up change. After that they released a mini album in korean i think, then they jetted off to japan and took over there. They got their own theater there to perform at, where they have for almost every day since their debut (they only perform 5 days a week, and the had a small period of time this summer that they didnt perform so they could re-adjust to the size of their group, with six members leaving, 5 graduating and one getting fired for secretly getting married). They have pretty much been in japan without translators, and there for kind of mastered the TVXQ approach. I say kind of because they have one new (or is it two?) members that dont speak japanese (seeing as the group is made up of SOLELY koreans). Whereas I can’t really say that i’m content as a Hana-one to have to fly to japan for much with them, i can say that changing that the hunt for information on them (i would check out http://www.fuckyeahapeace.tumblr.com for information because the admins there have been working at it for a while and all speak english) has endeared them to my heart. It’s going to be interesting to see whether or not APEACE will succeed back in Korea in 2015, as most people either dont know they exsist or they think that the group is changing companies (the CEO is a former SM head i think?).

  • Kwon Sohee Say

    i loved chaos kiss kiss ; ;