Top 10 New Korean Music Video Releases of the Week

We’re finally bringing back our round-ups of the week’s new releases for Sundays but this time we’re going to cast the net a little wider and look at some of the bigger releases of the weeks as well as the up-and-comers. Enjoy and give us your recommendations down below.

1. Lim Kim – Awoo

Lim Kim is finally back with a new single that feels a little more mature and sophisticated. Produced by Primary, the song is full of fun little EDM influences topped off with a quirky and colourful music video. Plus, cats. Cats are always a bonus.

2. Rise Again All Stars – One Love

There’s some hilarious and yet very endearing about this cover of Bob Marley’s One Love. Almost all of the biggest names in Korea’s reggae, ska and dancehall scenes (yes, they exist) like Kingston Rudieska, Rude Paper and Skawakers are here and the end product is a lot of fun. Although I do think singing “Let’s get together and I will feel all right” changes the message of the song a little.

3. Oh My Girl – Cupid

I feel like this isn’t something I normally wouldn’t like but it’s just so well executed I can’t help but enjoy. Those big melodic choruses combined with the relentless drumline-influenced beat is really compelling. They’re B1A4’s sister group and they seem to be following their path of sugary sweet pop perfections that are actually built on top of some pretty solid creative substance.

4. Xin Seha – Tomorrow is Everyday

Xin Seha is a fairly new artist but so far he seems to be delivering some great music. Tomorrow is Everyday clearly takes its inspiration from lots of different places including funk and 90s hip hop. One of the biggest influences is New Wave, not just in the music but also the gender-bending visuals in the music video.

5. Patients – SIPALSEGI

This is not actually a new track for Patients, who visited the UK last year, but it is a new music video. The frenetic black and white visuals match the band’s unrelenting musical style.

6. Monkey Bars – It’s You/Confessions

Monkey Bars are, as a press release we were sent just as I was starting to write this article states, a Music Record Production Team composed of producers James Keys and Chase Bars who “strive not for our personal accomplishments, but for the promotion of Asian American Music”. Those are noble goals indeed and the end product is an enjoyable electronic track. The lyrics are a little cliché at points and the rap section kills some of the momentum of the track but the pair clearly have a lot of potential and I’ll definitely be checking out the rest of their EP.

7. So Yumi – Shake Me Up

This is the kind of song where nothing is good and yet everything is fantastic. So Yumi is a former member of the short-lived girl group KISS&CRY who is now following her father’s footsteps into trot. As far as trot songs go, it’s extremely catching and pretty accessible to people who are unfamiliar with the genre and it even has a ridiculous (but in the best possible way) EDM dance break. This might not be it but, if her team can find a big track the likes of Omona or Love Battery, Yumi definitely has potential to be the next big female trot star.

8. Yeonnamdong Dumb and Dumber – Anxious Man

I put this in, not necessarily because the song is great, but just because their voices are lovely and it’s a nice song to relax to. If you understand Korean, the lyrics come across as a little pathetic but also oddly endearing.

9. Windy Cat – On That Day

Here’s another one that’s more of a chill out track. It seems like there’s great electro music coming out of Korea all the time at the moment and this song is yet more proof of that. The music video is extremely low budget and simple but it does what it needs to do.

10. A.cian – Driving

A.cian are interesting in that they come from a company which was originally founded in Thailand who then started working in Korea. Cultural flows can go in all kinds of directions, huh? But nonetheless this is that kind of fun, upbeat boy band track that seems to becoming rarer and rarer. The video also features Nara from Hello Venus if that is of interest to you.

BONUS: Basterd – About Me

Yes, I know it says ten but I couldn’t not share this one. It’s like every single negative stereotype about Korean hip hop rolled into one music videos. There are no words.

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