10 best new Korean music videos of the week featuring Hyunseung, Jessi and more

It’s been another strong week of releases this week with some great indie and RnB debuts and fantastic comebacks from artists in all different kinds of genres. As always not all of the good music videos can make the cut and we do tend to focus on the smaller less well-known acts. Some of the big releases that didn’t make the cut include BoA’s new release, Hyosung’s Into You and the uncut version of BTS’s I Need U.

1. Jessi – I Want To Be Me

Post-Unpretty Rapstar, looks like Jessi is back doing what she does best: singing. It’s a fairly standard offering as a song but Jessi’s voice adds some nice colour to the piece.

2. OKDAL – An Odd Era

Yesterday my friend said something like this:

If you close your eyes and ears and cover your mouth, you will live happily

You’re just a tiny part in a cog. That’s really nothing, is it?

In this odd era where we don’t even have time to find love, everyone is working really hard

That’s the first verse of this song. It gets more positive as it goes on but you can see it’s got some pretty insightful things to say about modern life.

3. BESTie – Excuse Me

The main reason Hyosung’s Into You didn’t make this list is because the perennially-underated BESTie had already released a better Duble Sidekick song this week with a much more entertaining video. Plus there’s a bunch of guys kissing each other at the end and it was only given a 15+ rating. Progress!

4. Moonshine – Temperature Difference

This is a fun little song from new artist, Moonshine. It’s got strong disco and funk vibes and a rap break from Dok2 that actually works and helps the song build up to its final chorus. It’ll be interesting to see where he goes from here.

5. MAAN – Come Around

There’s a certain indie sound that’s been almost missing from the Korean music since The KOXX went on a hiatus a couple of years ago for military service. Luckily MAAN who released their debut album last month are here to help fill that gap while also offering their own unique musical twist. It’s quite rare to hear an indie debut with such a polished, distinct sound and it’ll be exciting to see what they come out with next.

6. Elsie feat. K.Will – I’m Good

This slow RnB track is par for the course in female idol debuts but it’s nice to be able to hear how well Eunjung can actually sing and K.Will’s voice adds a lovely warmth to the whole production.

7. Geeks feat. Swings – Siren

The hip hop duo Geeks have finally returned. They’ve released two weeks: this, which is a fun upbeat party track and Wash Away featuring Ailee, one of those hip hop ballads Korean rappers are so fond of.

8. Mintgray – How To Remember

Big overblown ballads may be really popular in Korea but personally, if I’m going to listen to a sad song, I prefer an understated acoustic number. This song from Mintgray is exactly that, delivering all the emotion without any of the melodrama.

9. Urban Chic feat. Kebee of Eluphant – With You

Here’s another strong funk-influenced R&B debut from producing duo Urban Chic. It’s a mid-tempo chill out number that’s perfect for a lazy late spring day.

10. Hyunseung feat. Giriboy – Ma First

I have to admit I’m not the biggest fan of Hyunseung and his performances often leave me cold. However this time, although there were a few awkward moments, he put in a great performance making the video entertaining and a song that had the potential to become quite monotonous highly listenable.

That’s it for this week’s list. As always, feel free to agree or disagree and leave your own recommendations in the comments.

  • http://noona4mthablock.tumblr.com/ Your Noona’s Unnie

    Nice! I really liked MAAN. The Geeks song sounded like something GD tried to do, but got lost in the process when he made his other song with Taeyang.

    • http://beyondhallyu.com/ Lizzie (beyondhallyu)

      Yeah you’re right. It’s like GD without the inevitably poppy chorus.