This New Kids On The Block-style BIGBANG BAE BAE throwback remix is pitch perfect

Have you ever wondered what Big Bang’s BAE BAE would sound like it if were recorded in 1990? Probably not but on the off-chance you have, you need not worry any longer. Music producer and remixer Bronze is here for you with a tone perfect remix of BAE BAE in the style of New Kids On The Block.

With all the 90s referencing happening in K-pop lately from big obnoxious synths to that awful, awful curtain hair, zeitgeist-wise the timing is perfect. But it’s the attention to detail that really makes the whole thing stand out. Check out the change to syncopated rhythms in the chorus, all the subtle alterations to the melody to give it that authentic early 90s vibe and even that classic cheesy breakdown in the middle eight common to every cheesy late 80s to early 90s cheesy pop track worth its salt.

Visually the video is also on point with a well-edited collage of numerous New Kids On The Block mixed in with what I assume to be some stock advert from some  90s Korean TV ad. There are plenty of clever little references and cues to keep the viewer entertained like the music being attributed to Yang Goon Agency in Korean – Yang Hyun-suk’s initial name for his entertainment company before changing to the more trendy and presumably more internationally-facing YG Entertainment. The CD cover at the start is also hilariously accurate the classic 90s American boy band style complete with import stickers from Midopa – a department store chain that no longer exists having merged with Lotte over 10 years ago. All the work is hidden behind an end product which seems a little clumsy and dated – exactly the creator’s intention.

In a roundabout way, the video shows how everything and nothing changes with time. The production values of New Kids On The Block videos could not hold a candle to your average modern K-pop boy band but the (soft) masculine grandstanding and pandering to a young female audience remains. While most modern K-pop songs also have higher production values these days, many of the sonic elements of popular 90s music are being reincorporate and reworked.

But mostly it’s just a clever piece of remixing for your entertainment.