The 10 best videos of the week: The week the idols forgot (but that’s okay)

It’s been a bit of a slow week for idol releases this week but thankfully artists with different colours have more than made up for it. The almighty Primary is back once more, Simon D has finally returned and two of the strangest videos this year were released this week. There’s also some EDM, a bit of dream pop and some distinctly old school hip hop.

1. Primary feat. Lena Park – Hello

Primary finally dropped his full album this week after months of teasing. Alongside he released two new videos Hello (or “Did my nails” as it translates literally) and Just Like U with Jessi and Yankie. It’s a nice summer track with a funky vibe which celebrates enjoying the little things in life. One of the many great things about Primary’s music is his willingness to embrace different perspectives – this song takes an unashamedly feminine perspective, no doubt the influence of co-writer Suran. Suran has been involved in many of Primary’s most recent releases and both recently sat down for a really insightful interview with Noisey.

2. Simon Dominic – Simon Dominic

Ssam D, Simon D, Simon Dominic – whatever you want to call him, he hasn’t had the easiest time in the past few years. But he’s finally back in the spotlight – having been mostly behind the scenes as co-CEO of AOMG – with a track that reads half like a biography and half a mission statement. Either way it’s safe to say he’s back.

3. Tiger JK (feat. Yoon Mirae and Bizzy) – Blazing

Making a cheer song for a baseball team that actually stands alone as a good song without sounding too contrived is not the easiest thing to do. But MFBTY’s new track for Hanhwa Eagles manages to do just that. Oh and, Yoon Mirae looks amazing. As for Tiger and Bizzy? Those headdresses are certainly something.

4. Dandi – MyeongchiJoSseDdae

We have two entries competing for weirdest release of the week this week and the first is this song. The title is an acronym short for a longer phrase which roughly translates roughly to “Hit fucking hard in the stomach”. The video doesn’t let down on the title with a 16-bit style animation of a slightly demented-looking rabbit beating some of life’s most annoying people including bullies and internet trolls. There are other equally offensive and amusing phrases scattered throughout the video including one represented by four different hand gestures which means ” For a bastard like you, a Fuck You is the best”. A good one to blast when you’re really annoyed with someone.

5. EE – (g)(u)(n)(g)(d)(u)(n)(g)(s)(o)(n)(g)

While I say there were two contenders for strangest video, there was only ever going to be one winner. The King and Queen of Weird, EE are back once more and they have well and truly retained their crowns with their newest video Gungdung Song. Explaining this at all is almost impossibly but I will say if you’re scared of clowns you may want to give this one a miss.

6. Slowdown Channel – Revelry

A fun little electronic track with a big brassy hook. The choice of old American film clips is a little odd but it works.

7. AXODUS (Feat. Key of SHINee) – Hold On

AXODUS is a new DJ unit made up of Don Spike and DJ Hanmin (who you may know from his 2013 release Show Me Your BBA SAE) who are attempting to bring EDM into the Korean mainstream. Recruiting a popular idol to sing a fairly safe ballad-y melody over the top seems like a good way forward if that’s the goal. It has a slight David Guetta feel to it.

8. Ja Mezz – Pilot0

You may know Ja Mezz from his featuring on Zico’s Well Done earlier. Well Done’s chilled out 90s style jazzy vibes made a welcome change from Korean hip hop’s current obsession with trap. From this release it’s very clear where that old school influence came from and Ja Mezz is a breath of fresh air in the neverending sea of trap releases. It’s also refreshing to hear him mix another language other than English – in this case Mandarin – in with his rap.

9. Ele – Black Moon

One for fans of other indie artists like Casker, Yozoh and Saebyeok. The piano line contrasted with the electronic elements allows the song to slowly unfold in a way which is melancholic without becoming boring. The slightly abstract visuals match well with the song.

10. Humble – Like it

A nice little pop rock track by a brand new group reminiscent of idol guitar bands like CN Blue and FT Island. It’ll be interesting to see where they go from here.

That’s it for this week. As always, feel free to leave your feedback and suggestions in the comments.

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