That Caitlyn Jenner story: Just another reason to keep ignoring allkpop

NOTE: As this article refers to a website Beyond Hallyu has long boycotted, no links to the article mentioned will be included.

Oh allkpop when will you learn? People have witnessed you numerous times go to extraordinary lengths to publish ‘fact-filled’ articles’ that often completely skip out any, and all, of the fact and verge on the offensive. However, the most recent depths to which you have sunk has taken the biscuit. Let’s talk Caitlyn Jenner, the strong-willed parent (because, yes, Caitlyn is still a loving parent of four), TV personality and ex-Olympian who wonderfully revealed her gender transition just two days ago.

Hundreds of news outlets reported the story and posted up the beautiful pictures taken by Vanity Fair for their June cover but a vast majority (some shockingly, I’m looking at you TMZ) managed to correctly identity Caitlyn by the correct female pronouns. Everything was looking good. So why the heck did allkpop, a site we all know is clearly focused on topics related to Korea, feel that they had the right to post such a disrespectful piece of drivel?

Don’t get me wrong I am not shocked. Again I go back to the fact that the site is well-known for their inaccurate, often derogatory reporting. But when this usually happens, it is on topics related to their previous site content. Not this though. Instead allkpop have taken a topic they know they will be able to use as clickbait (therefore making them more money) and spun it into something no doubt they will attempt to pass off as satire when the shit hits the fan with this poor excuse of journalistic content is discovered by those not within the K-pop bubble.

As my fellow co-founder here at Beyond Hallyu, Lizzie, clearly and brilliantly pointed out in her post a few hours ago there are several reasons allkpop’s article is offensive and unnecessary. But I would like to add in another that was not discussed but did play a big part across all seven of her featured points: human decency. It would have been decent for them to not make such a delicate topic and part of someone’s life in to little more than a joke. It would have been decent of them to report it (if they needed to do so) and also include all the positives that will likely come from such a huge name transitioning at this stage of her life. But it would have been a whole lot more decent for them to just not have reported on it at all.

But decency isn’t your strong point, allkpop, is it?

Your cheap jokes at her expense, discussion of how much more stereotypically beautiful she is than her ex-wife and those damn memes were not a good move on your behalf, as a whole. Instead you reinforced the belief in many of our minds that your entire site should be avoided at all costs. This is one of the reasons why (and it feels damn good to continue to say this) that Beyond Hallyu will keep on boycotting you. And not just that, but we invite others to join us in the continued boycott of allkpop.

We all know that either tomorrow or in a few days someone will attempt to pass this off as a ‘misunderstood attempt at satire’. Unfortunately for you this won’t and shouldn’t work this time. Ignorance cannot be explained away with a tweet.

And with that we go back to pretending allkpop doesn’t exist. It’s all just a terrible dream.

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  • Melissa Haythorn

    Could you recommend some kpop news site?

    • Firestarter

      None of them. All of them are absolutely shit. Netizenbuzz is simply an outlet of NB to rail on T-ara and whitewash anything about Block B, Koreaboo, Soompi and AKP are all clickbait shitholes, Asianjunkie and Kpopocalypse are both sites that take pleasure in riding on their high horses while being utter shit bags, and Seoulbeats is a hive of reactionary SJW mouthbreathing.