Super Junior’s Super Show 5 in London review

So…I went to see Super Juniors ‘Super Show 5′ in London. After months of declaring that I would NOT by any means be going to see them and digging my heels in, when it came to the point that I knew someone from the BH team should go, I finally decided to woman up and take one for the team. Now I know it sounds like I am not a fan of Super Junior but this would be false. I was simply a little disheartened by the lack of Yesung and, of course, other members (but mostly Yesung). However not even the lack of the members could take away from the group’s stage presence, talent and heart when it came to delivering a good performance and the clear love they have for their fans; a love which they receive back in full force.


All of that was present on the day for all to view, from the young ELFs dragging their parents along to ensure they were first to their seats to the hardcore fans who stood for hours in the cold to ensure that where they stood would get them the best possible view of SuJu in all their glory. The ELFs were out in full force and who could blame them? After an 8 year career ‘super-group’ Super Junior had finally come to the UK to perform to fans of all ages from all over Europe for a show that was bound to be full of thrills and of course it did not disappoint from the onset.

The show began at 8pm (just over an hour after the audience began to file inside to take their places) to screams that filled the large space but that was to be expected. What surprised me was the glow of the sapphire blue ocean that accompanied said screams of joy, a sight that had been seen in pictures and videos before but really has to be viewed in person to be believed. It was the sight of thousands of excited fans joining together and opening their arms excitedly for the group, welcoming them and it was quite breath-taking.


The screaming was cut short by the start-up of the introductory clip of what this Super Show’s theme would be. It was one that would not come as much shock to fans aware of their most recent releases: Spies. Nevertheless the excited squeals of the fans throughout this showed that they did not care how obvious a theme it was, they simply wanted the members on the stage as soon as possible and that was what they got. No sooner had the clip finished than the group came to the stage with their first performance of the night, the crowd pleasing ‘Mr. Simple’.

Although it pleased the majority of the audience I may be alone in saying that it did not please me, as the performances and songs improved throughout the night. From the unforgettable ‘It’s You’ to the song that literally had majority of the crowd up and screaming along ‘Rockstar’ (which they performed 4/5 times in a row) all the performances were solid and put together. These were the performances of professional idols and they were definitely doing what they do best, drawing in the crowd and pleasing them again and again, from the first song to the last.


The Super Show had it all: cross dressing, cosplay, speeches from the group about missing group members who were unable to be there with them and antics throughout. But it was the ballads that really stuck with me. This is where they were able to shine as a group and truly come together as one, showing how each member had improved vocally and performance wise throughout their many years together. And to me that was the point of this show, and the point of the Super Shows as a whole, to show the growth of the group.

The standout performance of the night would have to go to Kyuhyun and Ryeowook as they performed in their sub-unit K.R.Y (minus Yesung) and beautifully sang ‘Grey Paper’, the last OST Yesung released before he was enlisted into the army. It was not just the best performance to me because I am a fan of the sub-unit (and because Yesung is my favourite) but because it truly showed me that this is not just an idol group. There are many wonderfully talented individuals within Super Junior and they are often given the opportunity to shine but for me this was certainly the brightest point of the night by far.


One of the most random points came after the end performance when members Suho and Kris from EXO were called to the stage. Not because I wasn’t expecting it, there had been discussion after all that they would be attending when it was announced they happened to be going to London at the same time as their elder group. It simply felt out of place and like something that could have been entirely missed out without any overall impact on the show. Yes, fans were excited when they did cutesy dances but after over 3 hours of being charmed by Super Junior, the majority (myself included) simply felt a little confused by the entire thing.

As a whole, it was a night that I’m sure many fans will remember for a long while to come, and even those who consider themselves on/off fans of the group would have to admit that it was highly enjoyable and memorable. The group was full of presence and charm throughout and after 8 long years it’s easy to see why they have stuck around for as long as they have. It’s not just the members who make Super Junior who they are, it’s also the fans.


We asked some of the winners of our Super Junior tickets their thoughts on the night and they were kind enough to share them with us.

Emily Duske

I don’t really know what to say… Just that I am so happy that I had the chance to go, the seats were the best in the arena and it was the most amazing night of my life. I made eye contact with 5 members and 1 member danced for me! I am so thankful to you guys for giving me this opportunity!

Henna Charlie Begum

The Super Show 5 was like a dream. SuJu are the most handsome, sweetest and awe inspiring people I have ever come to know. Their voices were phenomenal – from the ballads like Marry you, that made me want to cry; to AWESOME tunes like Rockstar making me want to party with my OPPAS! I love how SuJu treat us ELFs with such honest love and care towards us fans. And YES I am that SUJU rocks and I can’t wait for SS6 in London!!! Saranghae SJ!

Vinnie Vasil

I had such a great night at the concert!!! Couldn’t believe how close to the stage we got! THANK YOU SO MUCH!


Were you at the Super Show? If you were let us know your thoughts on the night and tell us which things you enjoyed the most? We will upload more pictures from the night to our Facebook and Tumblr over the next week.

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  • quesoygitana

    It was an amazing night! best night of my life ever, I am so happy I won tickets!

  • GeraYvonAnde

    I went to SS4 in Paris, it was great to see such a mixture of (European) nationalities representing their country’s fan base. I think other idol groups can learn from SJ on how to put on a show and how to act up to the crowd. Of course this is objective and depends on the style of artist but having seen both Big Bang and Super Junior, really big presences in the kpop industry, I felt Big Bang to have been lacking something that Super Junior hit spot on, perhaps it was Super Junior’s greater interaction with the audience and ability to create a more fun and goofy atmosphere. Big bang also put on a really great show and had a great presence but their crowd interaction was lacking slightly by comparison, what I feel to be the success of kpop groups is not within their music but in their ability to act, put on a show and show a new identity which is why Super shows are so fun and easy to get absorbed into. :)

    • silentmoon

      THIS. I had the chance to see both groups and even though I’m a much bigger fan of BB and I loved the concert, I have to say that I enjoyed SJ’s show more. Don’t get me wrong, BB were everything I love them for, energetic, charismatic, talented and had great music but there’s something about SJ that is charming, fun and a bit touching, like they are closer to the audience. Just like the author of this article, I wasn’t even planning of going to see suju, but man did I had fun at that show.