Saturday Playlist – Soundtrack to Studying!

Image above: Junior students praying for their seniors on the day of their exam

The biggest moment in any Korean high school student’s life the College Scholastic Ability Test was held this week. On Thursday workplaces opened later and extra public transport was provided to ensure that students across Korea could make it to their exam (more often referred to as Suneung) on time.

Few tests anywhere in the world are taken quite as seriously as this exam but most people who are or have been students will know what it feels like to be completely stressed out by an upcoming exam or assignment deadline. Especially now when it’s coming up to that time of year again, in the life of a student, when suddenly it seems like all your assignment deadlines and exams have come at once. In this kind of situation it can feel like the whole world is against you and it’s easy to get stressed. But no need to panic!

Whatever your study method, we’re here to help. Whether you’re in a busy coffee shop or the person next to you in the library is making too much noise and you need to drown out your surroundings or if you just need some music to motivate you we’ve got the perfect solution. This playlist features twelve songs which will help you stay calm and composed and help focus your mind while you get down to that last minute cramming session. It’s a diverse mix of K-pop and Korean indie which will provide the perfect soundtrack to your studying without distracting you from the work at hand. We’ve got Clazziquai, Narsha, Jaurim and much more. It even includes a cover by SNSD of ‘Beautiful Restriction’  originally by Kim Jong Seo (of classic Korean rock band Boohwal). Enjoy!






Clazziquai – Tell Yourself
Lim Kim – Rain
Lee Hi – Rose (Areia remix)
Jaurim – Icarus
Zitten – Tock Tock
Tété – Floral Rain (Acid Punk Dynamite Remix)
J Rabbit – If You Love Me
Goonamguaryeoridingstella – Gypsy Woman
Narsha (feat. Sungha Jung) – I’m in Love
Akdong Musician – The Love Of A Foreigner
Binbang – Repair Shop
Girls’ Generation – Beautiful Restriction

Let us know what you think of the playlist? What songs do you like to listen to while you study?

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  • hephapholic

    Love it! I’m studying right now and listening to this playlist :)