Saturday Playlist – Girl Power!

Last week South Korea was ranked 111th in the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report highlighting once again the many difficulties Korean women face in employment, education and in general society. This is a topic we have covered in various ways before including the huge gender discrepancy in numbers of female writers and director in Korean TV, feminism in K-pop and the pressure put on women to perform aegyo to get ahead.

So this time we wanted to take a more positive approach and look at Korean songs which give positive and sometime subversive representations of women. These vary in genre from K-pop to indie to hiphop and cover a wide range of topics. There are songs which celebrate independence (such as Miss A’s I Don’t Need A Man), self confidence (BoA’s Girls On Top, Lee Hyori’s Miss Korea), female friendship (Creampuff’s You Are My Friend and Sunny Hill’s Sitcom), sexual liberation (Gain’s Bloom) and not being afraid to break the rules (Sweet Revenge’s Rule Breaker and Lil Cham’s Worse).

So without further ado, check out our playlist and enjoy some of the best girl power anthems the Korean music scene has to offer!



1. BoA – Girls On Top

2. Miss A – I Don’t Need A Man

3. Lil Cham – Worse

4. Ga-in – Bloom

5. Tymee – Oppa! Can I Do It?

6. Sweet Revenge – Rule Breaker

7. Creampuff – You Are My Friend

8. Sunny Hill – Sitcom

9. Neon Bunny – Oh My Prince

10. Lee Hyori – Miss Korea

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  • Ciara

    I can’t wait to listen to this playlist! Thanks for making it! 😀