Interview with former SKARF member turned up-and-coming soloist Ferlyn G

For those of us around to watch, 2012 seemed like a crazy year for idol debuts with at least two new groups every week. One of those groups was SKARF, a group featuring both Korean and Singaporean members. Although they have attracted its fair share of fans, the group has never really found mainstream success. Perhaps that’s part of the reason why former SKARF member Ferlyn G chose to go solo releasing her first single album, FIRST, earlier this month.

She unveiled the single’s three tracks, one in Korean and two in Mandarin, earlier this month at a showcase in her native Singapore alongside Mint from Tiny-G, who features on her Korean single Luv Talk. Luv Talk is a bright, poppy track with an RnB edge and a bold brass accompaniment on the chorus – a definite departure from SKARF’s cutesy style – and Ferlyn herself was involved in the production alongside fellow Singaporean Gen Neo, who has worked with Henry and f(x).

Recently, we got the chance to ask Ferlyn a few questions about her new release. You can read the full interview below and you can also hear part of it in our latest podcast episode (her segment starts at 18:20).

Hi Ferlyn! Can you tell us a bit about your new release, First?

First is my first solo single consisting of three songs – two Mandarin songs and one Korean track featuring Mint from Tiny G.

Your first album features songs in Mandarin and Korean. Why did you choose those languages (and not English) and do you plan to promote in Korea or focus on Mandarin-speaking countries?

My management company and I actually decided that First would be more of a Mandarin-focussed album and we hope that, with this album, we can introduce Ferlyn G into the Mandopop scene. We did discuss doing songs in English but I’ve decided to take baby steps. But maybe in the future I might try!

Our readers are from all over the world. Do you want to do events outside of Asia?

One of my dreams is actually to be able to meet all of my fans from all over the world.

Some people might know you as a former member of the girl group SKARF. Can you tell us a little about why you chose to leave SKARF and go solo?

Well, it’s a mutual agreement between me and my previous management company. They knew all along that I wanted to produce an album that was more my style and to my liking. So, yeah, because of that I decided to go solo.

How is your new solo work different from the music you released previously with SKARF?

It’s totally different. I believe music can change people’s lives. For this album, you can describe it in two words: genuine and sincere. Because I’m part of the production team for the album, the whole concept, the story and the lyrics are all very close to my heart.

We heard you were involved in the production of your single. Was that challenging?

Well, it was definitely really challenging but I met a lot of angels (?) along the way. I was blessed to have renowned producers like Gen Neo and Jim Lim as well as great lyricists to be part of this music-making. Because they’re all so experienced, I learned a lot from them along the way and it was a great experience.

Do you consider yourself a K-pop artist or a Mandopop artist? Do you think there is a big difference between the two?

I consider myself to be an artist! I believe that music has no boundaries. Whether it’s in English, Mandarin or Korean, if it’s good music then it has the ability to change people’s lives in a positive way.

Tiny-G’s Mint features on your single ‘Luv Talk’. How was working together?

It was great. Mint was really professional and we have great chemistry so if there was a chance for us to go to the UK to perform together, I hope you guys will come out and show your support!

What can we expect to see from Ferlyn in the rest of 2015?

I will be diligently promoting this album and I hope that 2015 will be a great year for all of you!

Thanks to Ferlyn for talking to us and make sure you check out her new single Luv Talk and if you like it, let her know on Twitter or through Instagram.
  • Your Noona’s Unnie

    I love Mint! I never really payed attention to SKARF, but I wish her well!