Saturday Playlist – Ultimate K-pop Halloween Party!

South Korean employees from Everland amusement park frighten tourists on a street in Seoul, South Korea.
(AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon)

Autumn is in full swing in the northern hemisphere, bringing the changing leaves and crisp Fall nights. Halloween, with ancient European roots that came into its current incarnation in the United States, is now increasing in popularity all over the world. In South Korea, Halloween is often introduced to school children by their English teachers through traditions like trick or treating and dressing up. It is also becoming a popular party theme in Seoul’s nightclubs during October, complete with costumes and spooky decorations.

Here is a K-pop playlist featuring songs that compliment the Halloween spirit.


“Hyde” – VIXX
“Shadow” – Beast
“Wolf” – EXO
“The Melody of the Curse” – White
“Ghost of the Wind” – ZE:A
“Little Witch” – Funny Collection
“Midnight Circus” – Sunny Hill
“Horror Show” – MC Mong
“Scream” – BoA
“Vampire” – The Trax
“Monster” – BigBang
“Orgel” – SHINee
“Paranoia pt.1″ – Epik High

What are your favourite spooky K-pop tracks? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Angela Parsons

    nice playlist love epik high and SHINee at the end. I like SHINee Evil first song i thought of ad suits well :)

  • Nara Athiya

    No BTOB’s Thriller? Everything (PV, lyrics) /scream/ halloween!