“Cool song, shame about the MV” The 8 most disappointing K-pop videos of 2013

Music. Love it or hate it most of us seem to not be able to function without it in our life’s in some way. This is true regardless of the type of music you listen to and a good song is always improved by an equally impressive music video. But sometimes bad things happen to good songs. Below are just 8 of the hundreds of songs released this whose MV’s have left me wondered why I bothered entering them into YouTube in the first place.

1. Phantom – New Era

Phantom, Phantom, Phantom…what is going on with you? With your always awkward MV’s and your flawless voices, I thought you would be a group I could love a little more with each song. I remember you dressing as Freddie Mercury on YouTube. I recall the sexy times. I thought we were supposed to bond. But it seems this bond was not supposed to be built. It actually might just need to stop now.

You see I watch K-music MV’s for the bright colours, funny little colours and unique things I am bound to see. The objectification of women I am not cool with. It’s cheap and done not to represent the video but to increase the views. Gone are the original ideas that were shown in ‘Hole in your Face’ and in their place are cheap attention grabbing tactics that don’t challenge the viewer in any way. If I wanted to view soft-core porn there are plenty of sites online I could do so. Really not impressed, which is a shame because I found the song pretty catchy (and I still do).

2. EXO – Video Drama Episode 1, 2…3?

Calling Planet EXO! Calling Planet EXO!

It’s been just over a year and a half since the debut of the wonder group they call EXO and I still have little to no idea what’s going on past the fact that since then they have amounted more fans than U-KISS have in the five and a half years they have been going as a group. What I can be sure of is that what Exotics want they get, as, when they requested more ‘dramatic’ videos from the group and less dancing in random rooms with green screens, they got it. Unfortunately the end result was a little more confusing than the group itself (don’t kill me I come in peace and offer cookies and banana milk!). Oh well at least the fans still have the catchy songs!  If there is a part 3 to the drama someone has to let me know because I’m still lost on Planet EXO and I just want to get off now.

More dancing in front of green screens and less acting please, EXO. The dancing is actually rather enjoyable.

3. Wassup – WA$$UP (or the other way around? The group can’t decide and neither can I)

Where to start with this one? So many things could have improved it. To begin with, taking away the twerking. Now we all know that the only reason the concept was used by Wassup was to have them stand out amongst the endless other girl groups that are constantly being debuted but come on! You can’t say you are going to do something and then not do it. I’ve watched this MV countless times now and I am yet to see even a hint of an actual twerk in sight. I’ve spotted the odd twitch and slust (slight thrust) but no twerking. Add in the little aspect of half of the group members looking as though they have had a run in with a wild group of Oompa Loompas and the now jobless cast of Jersey Shore and you could say that this MV was a little more than a problem. What happened? Budget cuts?

However despite that all the issues (and there are more) I still find the song pretty catchy. Annoyingly so, actually.

4. Taeyang – Ringa Linga

I mean the song is catchy as hell, even if it does seem like a bit of a cast off from a certain other member’s album *cough cough*. You could even say that out of all the Big Bang comebacks and solo comebacks this song is one of my favourites but the MV… well it was pretty rubbish.

Let’s all be honest now without thinking I’m ‘hating’ (because I’m not) GD is in the MV for no reason other than the fact that his GD. Yes he wrote the song but he plays no actual part in it. He has no verses, there is no little GD ‘rap’ and yet there he is and he takes over the MV with his presence alone. This is a shame because just like so many other fans I waited patiently to see a Taeyang comeback. If I wanted to see GD I could have just as easily watched one of his many MVs released this year.

5. Crayon Pop – Bar Bar Bar (Global Version)

This hurts me, it hurts me so much my fingers are refusing to write. But they must. I cannot allow this crime to go along without being punished any longer! Crayon Pop are (no laughing please) one of my favourite K-pop groups currently. But I’m not alone – ask anyone and they will tell you just how much the entire site loves them. However what we don’t love is the fact that after the impressive (but not shocking) success of Bar Bar Bar some nutjob decided that the group needed a global version…that was basically a mini remake of Gangnam Style. I shake my head at you ‘Global Version’ in disgust. But I still love you Crayon Pop!

6. K.Will – Love Blossom

Its K.Will so disliking the song would be a sin. Disliking the MV though…not so much. You see, it took just 30 seconds for K.Will to die during of his rare features in a MV for his own song! But that’s all ok apparently because L (Infinite) and Dasom (Sistar) fall in love. Not impressed. Kindly insert your own swear words and fill in the gaps, this one has me at a loss for words.

7. Troublemaker – Now

Sexual Tension. Of all the things this song and video lack this is what I need to mark out as the biggest pain the ass to me. I had to go on YouTube to link the video and I came across countless comments which read along the lines of ‘God the sex they must be having!’ but I don’t see it myself. You see no matter how many near crouch touching, rough kissing, throwing on beds scenes you throw in, there is, to me, zero sexual tension between the pair in this MV. The entire video screams out awkward and comes across more as friends crossing boundaries that should stay in place, than lovers going a little crazy over their wild love.

8. GD – Crooked

GD the fashion icon. GD the producer. GD one fifth of one of the biggest internationally known K-Pop groups. I like you, I enjoy your music but this video not so much. Everything was a little too one dimensional. GD walks, lays on couch, gets into a tussle, runs down the street, runs along a tunnel, is in the centre of a semi-crowded ‘mosh pit’ in a club. Nothing stood out and grabbed me like they usually do.

I’ve seen your other MV’s (who hasn’t?!?) and they are a lot better than what you offered with Crooked. Which is a deep, deep shame because after listening to the song a few times on repeat I have to say that this is by far one of the best you have released and should have been worthy of a better MV. Something that was very achieveable. You were in London! The missed oppourtunies, I shake my head at you, sir (whilst I listen to Crooked again because it’s a damn good song).

These MVs, again, are just 8 of many that I have not enjoyed as much as I wished I could have, but that is just my opinion alone. However we would love to know yours. Which songs have you been impressed with this year but the MV’s have been a little less than up to scratch?

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  • K. Everdeen

    I really enjoyed exo’s growl but they could’ve done it better than twelve of them dancing in a box again. Okay it wasn’t actually typical SM box, but still, we had all of the members dancing in an empty room. The song is awesome and deserved a much better MV

    • http://beyondhallyu.com/ sasha_BH

      I fear what they would have done with the MV outside of a box…

  • Kwon Yolanda

    Growl is a great song but SM and their typical box for the boy bands ruined, i agree with what you said about Taeyang’s video when i watched the video i said the same thing” why is GD on this video when is Taeyang’s comeback, i like GD but i’m getting tired of him

    • http://beyondhallyu.com/ sasha_BH

      I am not a fan of EXO, but as a whole I did enjoy growl. It was just a shame that a little more couldn’t have been done for it. Than again we’ve seen what SM do with a little more…I will keep the box.

  • kimsuhanmoo

    Would the same be said of One Of A Kind? MichiGo? (videos where Taeyang appears “for no reason” as you say.) GD & YB have been making cameos in each other’s videos for a while. It also now seems commonplace for YG videos to have wordless cameos from YG/their friends (Crayon+One of a Kind+MichiGo, The Baddest Female, Falling In Love, I’m Sorry, etc. And pre-debut YG groups making cameos in Ringa Linga & That XX), so I don’t understand why this is a big deal.
    Also, In the song, Ringa Linga, it’s GD who shouts “Assa!” “Jota!” so there’s a concrete reason (albeit tiny) why he makes a cameo (besides the fact that they’re bffs who like to drop in on each other’s work).

    The video for Crooked is a pretty literal representation of the lyrics, which is why I personally enjoy it, as the video follows him (unsuccessfully) trying to put on a tough facade in the wake of a brokenheart. His attempts to put up a front–the rabble-rousing/troublemaking behaviour and symbolically with all the outfit changes/using “a whole can of hairspray” and “thick eyeliner” as armour to “hide [his] pain” (as he says in the lyrics) etc.–don’t work and he spirals into a life of excess, chaos, sadness and becomes a sobbing mess.

    • http://beyondhallyu.com/ sasha_BH

      Maybe it’s time to admit I just do not like GD enough to want to see him lol

  • Le Meow

    i have personally gotten tired of GD ! I WAS an avid gd fan but lost the interest after his recent album… his fashion sense was cool n weird but now its just plain weird…his videos r boring and all his songs sound the same
    he needs to do soemthing different
    T.O.P on the other hand is original super original

    • http://beyondhallyu.com/ sasha_BH

      I have always found GD to be a little meh. I know that his concepts and music are supposedly groundbreaking but I normally know exactly what will come with him, crazy outfits and all. I just wish he would calm a little and be more accepting of himself, because the music he writes is actually pretty good.

      Thank you for your comment and for reading (sorry for the late reply!) ^^

  • Yolanee

    I think that Crooked is one of the most interesting Kpop videos. It definitely isn’t your typical overproduced kpop video. What I really enjoyed about the video is that even without understanding the lyrics I got an unpleasant and claustrophobic feeling from the way it was shot and while the song sounded like a party song combined with the video it shows that something is not OK. I understand why people don’t like it though, it’s definitely not the norm. This is a matter of taste, really.

    But I have to laugh at your dislike of GD’s cameo in Ringa Linga. While I preferred the dance MV, I remember at least two Taeyang cameos in GD’s MVs, so I don’t think that’s anything new for them.

    I think GD just doesn’t work for you, haha.