BH Playlist – I think I might love you

In honour of yesterday being Valentine’s Day, this week’s playlist is about all things love and romance!

Look at any of the major Korean charts on any given week and you will find at least half a dozen dramatic ballads about love and romance but unless you are currently involved in a ridiculously dramatic romantic situation on par to those of the cheesiest of K-Dramas those can get old pretty quickly.

Instead we’re giving you a playlist of songs which are sweet and understated and can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of your current relationship situation (or lack thereof). It contains a diverse mix of music including K-pop, RnB, indie and hip hop from artists such as IU, Crucial Star, CN Blue, Neon Bunny and more.

So enjoy the music and feel the love!



IU – Friday

K.Will – Love Blossom

Narsha – I’m In Love

Crucial Star (feat. Lovey) – Flat Shoes

Neon Bunny – Come A Little Closer

CN Blue – Love Light

J.Rabbit – If You Love Me

Tete – Romantico

Crayon Pop – Bing Bing

Bumkey – Attraction

Soyou, Junggigo (feat. Lil Boi) – Some

Esna – Lovely Day

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