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Image above: Chuseok traffic at a standstill from 1993 (source)

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The biggest annual Korean holiday Chuseok took place this week . Aside from being an excuse for K-pop companies to post up lots of photos (and, boy, do they do take full advantage of it!), Chuseok is an extremely important holiday in Korea during which everyone gets together with their family to give thanks and celebrate the harvest. The most important aspect of Chuseok is to celebrate give thanks to your ancestors and so Koreans will travel all over Korea from where they are currently living back to their family or ancestral home. As part of the holiday, people will do charye, a memorial service to honour their late relatives and ancestors in their homes (similar to the customs of Seollal) and then clean and clear their ancestors’ graves.

Because Chuseok is such an important public holiday around 75% of the population take to the roads in order to travel back home, sometimes to the other end of the country. As a result the roads are extremely congested and it can take at least twice as long as usual to get to your destination. Although we know most of our readers have taken part in Chuseok, this inspired us to make a playlist which would help keep you sane during what we are sure must be a long and frustrating journey.

The playlist consists of 10 tracks including K-pop as well as Korean indie, rock and hip hop. Whether you are a taking a long journey or just nipping out to the shops, these songs make the perfect driving accompaniment. This playlist has something for everyone from upbeat pop tracks like Junsu’s ‘Incredible’ and Ladies’ Code’s ‘Pretty Pretty’ (I dare you not to sing along to the ‘Move your body and mind’ breakdown towards the end) to the strong, driving rhythms of rock tracks like Galaxy Express’ ‘Horongbul’  (who we were privileged to see live and interview in April during the Korea Rocks UK tour) and The KOXX’s ‘Love Dance’. It also includes more calming and chilled out tracks like Casker’s ‘Wonderful’ and tracks which are specifically about traffic Ra.D’s ‘Trip for Me’ and Love X Stereo’s Soul City (who are about to embark on a North American tour, for our readers in that part of the world. Make sure you check it out!)

So whatever journey you are taking, make sure you check out this playlist for the perfect soundtrack!


Love X Stereo – Soul City

XIA (Junsu) – Incredible

Dynamic Duo (feat. Muzie of UV) – BAAAM

Casker – Wonderful

Brown Eyed Girls – Recipe

Galaxy Express – Horongbul

Ra.D – Trip for Me

2LSON (feat. Bumkey, Paloalto) – Too Late

Ladies’ Code – Pretty Pretty

The KOXX – Love Dance

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