BH Playlist – Growing Pains

The Coming-of-Age film is a great staple of the Hollywood film canon with films that explore, investigate and celebrate the experience of growing up becoming some of the most respected and loved movies of all time. While it is not nearly as established as a film genre within the Korean media industry there are still some great Korean films that examine what it is like to be caught in the process growing up and finding your place in the world such as ‘Sunny’ (2011), ‘Dasepo Naughty Girls’ (2006) and ‘Architecture 101′ (2012) and dramas such as the extremely popular ‘Reply 1997′ and spin-off ‘Reply 1994′.

One of the defining features of many of Hollywood’s greatest offerings to the genre is a great pop soundtrack and so with that in mind we created a playlist of songs that explore the kinds of themes found in coming-of-age movies. They cover a variety of topic from falling in love with your teacher to struggling to find your own identity to just being young and having fun. So why not break out your favourite John Hughes inspired outfit and dance, sing and cry along to the soundtrack of our imaginary ultimate teen movie!



Glen Check – Young Generation

T-ara – Round and Round

Jaurim – HaHaHa Song

BTS – No More Dream

NC.A – My Student Teacher

Girls’ Generation – Girls’ Generation (Lee Seung Chul Remix.)

H.O.T – We Are The Future

Lim Kim – Goodbye 20

8dro – 22

Park Jiyoon – Adult Ceremony

Infinite – Man In Love

BIGBANG – Tonight

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