BH Playlist: For those cold winter nights

Image: Anton (via flickr)

Ah, winter – the perfect time of year to hibernate for several weeks just in time to put on your sparkles and dance all night. Winter is a time of cosy nights, hot chocolate, and glittery lights, and we’ve chosen some of our Korean songs for those moments when you need some downtime or even when you need a little pick-me-up for the endless winter nights. Enjoy!

Tara’s Picks

DEAN – Pour Up feat. Zico

This is DEAN’s second Korean-language single, having previously sung two English-language tracks featuring the likes of Anderson .Paak and Eric Bellinger, and a Korean-language one featuring rapper Dok2.  This track features Block B’s Zico, who adds a nice rap break toward the end that shies away from his usual somewhat crazy style and instead goes for a darker feel that matches DEAN’s smooth voice.

Rainbow – Black Swan

In my opinion of this year’s most underrated K-pop songs, Black Swan is a catchy dance song that conveys a wintry feel in the music video as well. Although the latter is slightly creepy, it nevertheless reminds me of wind howling through the trees on a stormy night.

Bily Acoustie – Her Micro Attraction Warnings

An indie artist I’ve been following for a while, Bily Acoustie’s slightly hoarse, soothing voice is guaranteed to make you feel cosy and happy. The music video is wintery too.

2PM – My House

Sexy as only 2PM can be ,  this song reminds me of  a winter ball much like the one in the music video.  Jun K. and Junho’s voices stand out here with a pleasant rap break from Taecyeon .  Perfect for a party with friends.

Park Kyung – When Where What How feat. Jo Hyuna of Urban Zakapa

Like 2PM’s song this one is perfect for a party.  Park Kyung and Hyuna have an outstanding vocal harmony that makes for a warm, sexy song.

Jung Joon Young & Younha – Just The Way You Are

The perfect song for a Christmas morning, Jung Joon Young’s deep voice and Younha’s lighter one form a perfect contrast against an up-tempo backing track, particularly evident in the chorus.

Eric Nam – Dream feat. Park Jimin of 15&

This is one of those songs that makes me want to curl up at a fireplace. Eric Nam and Jimin display a fantastic chemistry here, undoubtedly rooted in their close friendship.

Super Junior – This Is Love

In my opinion the perfect song for New Year’s Eve, SuJu’s “This is Love” manages to be festive and relaxing at the same time.  To be completely honest, I wouldn’t have minded if it had been just Kyuhyun singing this, but Super Junior as a whole makes this work with style.


Helen’s Picks

10cm – Americano


This might seem a little odd for a winter pick, but there’s something so cozy about it. Maybe it’s the images of having a nice, warm cup of coffee as you listen, but this song is cute and fun and so it gives off a very warm feeling.

J Rabbit – Talkin’ Bout Love

This song reminds me of Christmas markets and wrapping presents, maybe because it’s exactly the kind of thing I would play if I had a big stack of presents that needed to be gift wrapped. The vocals are sweet, and the song is just overall very dreamy.

Seo Taiji – TAK REMIX

This song has sleigh bells, therefore it is automatically a winter song. There’s not really anything else that needs to be said about it, honestly. Except that it’s a jam and I’m definitely going to be playing this on New Year’s Eve.


What says ‘Winter’ more than a band named WINTERPLAY? The album this song is featured on, ‘Happy Snow Bubble’, is perfect to put on while you curl up with a book, and god knows nothing is nicer in the winter than being cosied up and relaxed.

Eddy Kim – Slow Dance

Like Who Are You, this is one of those perfect, cosy winter songs that just gives you happy vibes. Eddy Kim’s gorgeous voice is guaranteed to soothe any winter blues.

Lim Kim – Rain

Everything about this song is wistful and slow, and combines my two favourite things about winter: rainy days and everything slowing down for a little while.

Milk Tea – Ramyun King

‘Ramyun King’ reminds me of sunny, crisp winter mornings and venturing outside feeling good about the day, and it’s perfect for listening to first thing for a pick-me-up in preparation for the day ahead to counteract the dark winter nights.

We hope this is just what you need to relax if it all gets too much this festive season. Let us know what your top winter picks are.

Written by Tara and Helen