BH Playlist: It’s Christmas!

Image above: Themeparks like Lotte World go all out at this time of year!

With lights, trees and the everpresent sound of carols and festive pop hits, it’s that time of year again when no matter where you are, no one will let you forget that Christmas is approaching fast. So here is something  a little bit different if you are sick of hearing the same old cheesy Christmas songs everywhere you go. We’ve made a playlist of 12 Christmas-themed songs by K-pop and Korean indie artists!

While Christmas in Korea is not nearly on the scale of the holiday in most of Europe or North America, it is still celebrated and Korean entertainment try their best to make the most of it! Endless Christmas-themed music show specials, cheesy collaborations by the entire roster of various music labels and covers of western pop Christmas classics are all par for the course this time of year. Aside from Korean Christians who have their own traditions, Christmas is mainly a holiday for young couples in Korea. As such, K-pop Christmas singles tend to focus more romance and heartbreak than many of their Western counterparts. Of the hundreds of releases and covers from the past few years, we’ve chosen a few of the best for you to enjoy.

And here to accompany you while you listen to this playlist are some adorable pictures of penguins dressed up as Santas and Christmas trees at Everland, Korea’s biggest themepark.



Girls’ Generation – Snowy Wish

Jellyfish Entertainment Artists – Winter Confession

Mystic 89 Artists – Christmas Wish

Ra.D – Wish Me A Merry Christmas

Happy Pledis – Love Letter

Ailee – My Grown Up Christmas List

MBLAQ – White Forever

J. Rabbit – White Christmas & Rocking Around The Christmas Tree

EXO – Miracles In December

Crayon Pop – Lonely Christmas

leeSa – Last Christmas

K.Will & Hyorin – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Do you have a favourite Christmas song by a K-pop artist? Let us know in the comments.

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