BH Playlist: Best New Releases 24/03/2014

A fortnight ago we brought you a playlist with what we perceived to be some of the best new releases from indie artists, rappers and idols and today we are doing exactly the same! This week we feature the likes of AOMG artist Loco, TWO songs from Rem and Moro and the much awaited comeback and debut of MBLAQ and Michelle Lee (in that order).

We here at Beyond Hallyu are yet again here to provide you with a playlist that you could listen to whilst:

  • Jumping around your room, work space or wherever you may be when reading this, while you attempt to sing along at the top of your lungs.
  • Taking a break from the ever-present stresses of K-drama/variety show watching. Or maybe even…
  • Simply feeling at a loss for something to do and needing anything to fill some time.

Whatever you’re doing, do it listening to this playlist!


We know that lots of music has been released in the past 2 weeks, we simply pick the songs that have caught our attention the most between playlists and share them with you. Which new releases have you enjoyed over the last few days, the last week or generally the past fortnight? Let us know in the comments below. Also let us know who you would have included on the playlist and which of the above artists you enjoyed!

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  • choi tan


  • Le Meow

    loco is sick ! i loved be a man and suju-m’swing ! also JJCC’debut song plus zombie party by speed