BH Playlist: Best New Releases 10/03/2014

Starting this week we will be bringing you regular playlists with our pick of what we think are some of the best newly released songs of the past month. Regardless of the genre, artist or length of the song, if we like a song you may well see it right here!

The music featured on our first new releases playlist jumps at ease between artists whose names you will recognise at first glance (2NE1 and Yangpa) to those who will probably leave you wracking your brain trying to recall whether you have heard of them before. Well, never fear easy worriers! Even if you haven’t heard of majority of the artists featured, by the time you finish listening to this playlist we expect you to leave with a couple more favourites to add to your (without a doubt) ever expanding list of favourite artists.

This playlist features artists such as Mayson The Soul, Kim Greem, HEE Z and more! So sit back, grab a drink and enjoy.

So which new releases have you been enjoying this month, forthnight or even week? Let us know in the comments below. Also let us know which of the songs from the playlist you liked and if you found any new artists you may keep listening to in the future.

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