BH Playlist – The 10 best idol compositions of 2014 so far

After much speculation, Ye-eun of the Wonder Girls finally made her long-awaited solo debut this week with self composed track ‘Ain’t Nobody’. The song has been garnering praise for solid composition and meaningful lyrics and much has been made of the fact that Ye-eun has now shown herself to be a talented composer and artist, setting herself out from the idol crowd. But just how rare is it for an idol to be involved in the songwriting process?

While it is definitely true that most idol songs are not written with any input from the performer (even less so for title tracks), there are a number of idols who do have songwriting credits to their name. Much of the time this creative input takes the form of album tracks, sometimes as solo tracks and sometimes for the whole group, which are arguably primarily a form of fanservice intended at giving the fans more insights into the minds of their favourite group members. Others, such as Block B’s Zico, G-Dragon and Lee Hyori, however, have been able to develop their skills and become seasoned songwriters in their own right, writing not just for themselves but also for other artists.

Although it may not be the norm for idols to write their own songs, there are still numerous idols who are also competent composers and some of them have written genuinely good songs. Here is a playlist of ten of the best idol-composed songs released in 2014 so far.



Block B – Her (Co-composed and lyrics written by Zico)

SPICA – You Don’t Love Me (Composed and lyrics written by Lee Hyori)

Dal Shabet – Just Passing By (Subin Solo) (Composed and lyrics written by Subin)

Mamamoo (Wha Sa solo) – I Do Me (Composed and lyrics written by Wha Sa)

BTOB – Hello Mello (Co-composed and lyrics co-written by Ilhoon)

B1A4 feat. Sunmi – YOU (Composed and lyrics written by Jinyoung)

2NE1 – Crush (Co-composed and lyrics written by CL)

Taeyang feat. G-Dragon – Stay With Me (Co-composed and lyrics written by G-Dragon)

BEAST – No More (Co-composed and lyrics written by Junhyung)

HA:TFELT – Ain’t Nobody (Co-composed and lyrics co-written by Yeeun)

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