BH Discuss: The trouble with Trouble Maker?

Every so often a K-pop video comes along that gets everyone talking. Yesterday Trouble Maker made themselves the latest addition to this list with the release of their new single “Now”.

With heaving drinking, smoking, sex scenes and implied interracial sexual relations, this video was clearly designed to push as many buttons as possible. And boy, did it succeed!

While many are criticising the video and likening it to porn, it has definitely made an impact shooting up to the top of many real time music charts.

It’s also been gaining more controversy for its similarities to Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’ video although it’s hard to see how it could be ruled as plagiarism as some news articles have been suggesting.


Anyone else find this a little awkward?

While the theme of hedonism is one that can be found a lot in pop music, this did seem to borrow a little too heavily from the Rihanna video. Any artistic intentions (if they exist) could arguably be undermined by this, especially when you consider it along with the now old-hat reference to the Joker and the obvious product placement.

Aside from all the hysteria about whether the video is too racy or not, there are some interesting conversations to be had about this new release and what it means for K-pop.

Although it takes an entirely different approach, much like Gain’s Bloom this release seems to have attempted to break as many boundaries as possible. But will it succeed and what does this mean for the future of K-pop?

Do the sex scenes set a bad example for young fans or a positive sign for a more open and accepting society? How does the race dynamic at the beginning factor into that?

Are any attempts at progressiveness overshadowed by the fact the video appears to be heavily influenced by a recent western pop video? Will Trouble Maker have a lasting impact on the industry or is this song just a symbol of the change that is taking place anyway?

Is Hyuna being put unfairly in the firing line for concepts which have actually existed in some form in K-pop for a long time? Do you really have to be over the age of 19 to be mature enough to watch this?

Is it even that big of a deal?

Most importantly: Did you like the song? Do you think they have good chemistry or do you think (like myself) that they make an awkward pairing? Would you like to see more from them in the future?

We want to know what your real thoughts are on this release and all the hype surrounding it. Leave a comment and join in the conversation!

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  • kpopalypse

    Just looks like a night of clubbing and a morning drive in the country with me and my girlfriend. All I got out of it symbolically was that in the midst of a chaotic lifestyle, the love of the two characters is the uniting bond. I thought it was all quite romantic actually.

  • Terri

    I don’t love or hate the song, but I quite liked the story that the MV told (except for the racecars circling them. WTF).
    I wouldn’t show it to anyone under 13 myself, but I can see how the intimate scenes between the two Hyuns would earn it a higher rating in Korea.
    I only hope this doesn’t earn Hyuna more slut-shaming hate (you wouldn’t say it of an actress, and that’s kind of what she is in this).