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  • Phoenix Okazaki

    I want SHINee or BIGBANG! <3

  • Lawrence

    I would love a Girls Generation bracelet! :DD

  • Vikki Taylor

    I want BIGBANG or 2ne1 ^_^ <3 <3

  • ♪♫ ♥ KATIE LEE

    SHINee or EXO bracelet! (“:

  • Vash-chan

    Wow I’d like BIGBANG or Super Junior

  • Moon

    SHINee Necklace or a Infinite Bracelet! *_*

  • Kestra

    An Exo bracelet!

  • Marium

    Infinite or EXO ^^

  •!/kw0njiyong Kw0njiyong


  • ShanaT

    I want to win a Big Bang or Beast bracelet.

  • Bethany Webb

    SHINee necklace or bracelet please!! amazing giveaway 😀

  • 린다~

    SHINee bracelet or Super Junior bracelet! :)
    Such a cool giveaway~
    BeyondHallyu and ToFebruary HWAITING ^^

  • yee

    EXO bracelet please

  • Vicky Coppard

    Shinee bracelet please! 😀 Or EXO bracelet~

  • Steph Brown

    Super Junior bracelet!

  • L ✄ L

    A Girls Generation bracelet :’DD

  • Rima Tran

    Shinee necklace!!

  • Jordan

    The 2ne1 bracelet!!!

  • Jameel Best

    That Infinite bracelet…. :)

  • Caitlin and Alexa

    BigBang was my first ever K-Pop group! I’d love their bracelet!

  • Danisaurus Rex

    I would sooo want that JYJ necklace *-*

  • wordless~

    I’d love a Super Junior bracelet since they’re one of my bias groups at the moment. ^^ Them or TVXQ – who were my first kpop loves.

  • Lindsay

    Shinee bracelet <3

  • Wei

    Infinite! Although I love Big Bang and Shinee too!

  • Jaime

    Infinite… no, Beast… no, Infinite… erm Beast… no, INFINITE, definitely Infinite 😀

  • Rosie

    2NE1! Or infinite! Love this giveaway:)

  • Dianne

    I love love LOVE SHINee or Infinite <3 And it's just in time for my birthday!!

  • ★미니마니모★

    I would love to win either an SNSD or EXO necklace! xD

    But that’s only if I’m lucky enough to win~

  • sol

    Maybe 8th is my lucky day and i can win a SNSD bracelet. 😀

  • John Fenn

    EXO! I’ve been into K-pop for going on five years now and I personally have enjoyed loving each and every band but these boys have earned themselves a special place in my heart. The hard life of a Kpop fan, even harder being a fanboy… Our biases will never love us. //sigh.

    Good luck everyone!

  • Anja Vujović

    I would be beyond thrilled to getth e big bang bracelet since theres 0 chances to get kpop merch in serbia and big bang is my favorite group IB the world !:))

  • Arli Rodriguez

    SHINee, what other way to express my love for this magnificent group other than this beautiful merchandise? 😀

  • ladi bug

    infinite bracelet, yes please!

  • Didenz Yu

    infinite bracelet!!! *o*

  • Moonmimi

    I would love to get the Big Bang Necklace

  • Mariam

    The Infinite infinity bracelet is perfect! Id love that one please!!!:D

  • Breathe

    B2ST Please ^^

  • ChocoPandaa

    INFINITE bracelet, it’s perfect! And I just love the infinite symbol so much xD SHINee necklace or EXO necklace would be fine too, since I can give my friend the EXO one if I manage to win it instead of the others ^^

  • Lucy Davies

    I’d love to win a SHINee one <3

  • Ci Wong

    Infinite bracelet please :)

  • 스파클링 펄 ●▽●♪♥

    I want infinite bracelet, thank you for helding this event, I hope I can win this time :)

  • 천사 Sara L

    I’d love an EXO necklace.

  • Casey

    I’d love a bigbang necklace! 😀

  • I’m a byuntae

    I either want the SHINee necklace or bracelet or BIGBANG bracelet!

  • Gillian Holmes

    exo titanium steel bracelet

  • 이레인~^-^

    Infinite bracelet ^^

  • Amber King

    I love the INFINITE bracelet!! ^ ^

  • Unwoven

    Would love to win a Big Bang bracelet! ^^

  • Jenny Equality Lau

    I would love to be able to get a SHINee bracelet because they are the first k-pop group I fell in love with (all that aegyo from Hello!!) and I still love them.

  • Sabrina Finn Danas- Pilarca


  • コマール

    I would absolutely love to win the SHINee bracelet because they are my ultimate favorite kpop boy band and they are just awesome and talented in every way possible!!!!

  • Frances Hopkins

    Would love the big bang bracelet

  • Armani Gouveia


  • Love Aguilar

    Girls’ Generation! They are the reason why i so into k-pop now! thanks to them, i know this wonderful genre called kpop! i would love to have that bracelet! i love them! they are so lovely, beautiful & talented, my ultimate bias is hyoyeon because of dancing<3 they earned a place in my heart! Bigbang or 2ne1 bracelet will be fine too because i admire them so much, they are so different, original & cool!

  • Helen Dickinson

    I would love the big bang bracelet

  • Vicky Coppard

    exo or shinee please! 😀

  • Cindyy

    Not going to fluff my comment but I would like an Infinite bracelet :)

  • Kai Potter

    SHINee! First K-pop group I really got into! <3

  • Filsan Dualeh

    I would like a BigBang necklace please =D !!!

  • skyshredsl

    Super Junior please??? QAQ

  • jamlamlam

    I would love the BIGBANG bracelet because I come from NZ and Kpop isn’t really big here so we don’t get merchandise whatsoever. We do have lots of Kpop fans but they tend not to show off their love for Kpop as they get embarrassed because people are like “Whats kpop? Oh you mean Gangnam style … thats so old”

    I want to show off my love for my five Kings, Bigbang. Good luck everyone ~ And thankyou !! ^^

  • Sean Owen

    Girls Generation!!!

  • Magdalena Pe

    yes, I would like a SHINee bracelet, please!! it’s super cool^^ thank you!

  • Unigwe Nneka

    So many entries… O.O I guess many fans want a chance to get their group necklace or bracelet. 😛 Nonetheless, I’ll join the bunch and throw my entry in there. If out of over 700 entries I get chosen, could you do me the honor of a 2NE1 bracelet please? Those 4 girls were my first taste of K-pop. I have remained a loyal Blackjack since. Thank you for your time. ^^

  • Anh Van

    They’re all so adorable! Butbutbut can’t resists the crown and wings (and group of course!) so, the JYJ bracelet. QwQ

  • T-chan

    I first heard of k-pop in 2011 and listened to it a bit, but when EXO held their showcase I suddenly became infatuated. Those lovely boys have led me to become more obsessed about something than I thought possible and even prompted me to start learning mandarin! It’s been a crazy year and winning an EXO bracelet would really top it off.

  • Cristy Yeung

    Infinite, please!

  • Brandie Sciolla

    I would love the Super Junior necklace! It’s super hard for me to get any KPop related things here in the US (I’m kind of poor most of the time). And Super Junior means a lot to me.

  • Taylor Pham

    I would like to win an EXO bracelet or necklace. :)

  • Bani Lamba

    SUPER JUNIOR PLEASE <3 I would love to win a bracelet!!

  • Agata B

    2ne1!! That’d be amazing! :)

  • Megan

    It would be amazing if I could win the SHINee bracelet, I really like SHINee and I don’t have much of their merchandise (excluding their albums) since it’s expensive for me to order things like necklaces and bracelets and have them sent to me so for a chance to win a SHINee bracelet is really exciting 😀

  • MiyoKatsune

    I’d love BIGBANG :)

  • Cindy Zimmer

    I’d love the Big Bang bracelet!! I love them :)

  • Jay Day♔

    i would like either of 2ne1/Super Junior/Infinite bracelet or necklace 😀 I’m a huge fan of all 3 of these groups♡

  • Jane Doe

    I’d love the big bang bracelet ! ! Please and thank you :)

  • Kpopkimi Chan

    i havebeen a kpop fan for over 13 years and a fan of the culture for 15….. my first love was shinhwa, and then Super Junior….. but now i love all bands. It was my birthday yesterday (23rd april) and this would be a nice way to celebrate 13 years of loving kpop and a late bday pressie….. so if i won i would love the Super Junior or EXO, or Infinite bracelet please… thank you for this opportunity X

  • Yna

    I love the Girl’s Generation and Super Junior bracelets definitely <3

  • TripleShawol<3

    SHINee bracelet for me~ Great giveaway @Beyond Hallyu, hope to see more in the future =3

  • Choi Jinri

    I want a SHINee pracelet~ <3

  • ♡Wu Ai Ni♡

    I would like either the EXO, Big Bang, or Infinite bracelet please~ ^^

  • BBEXO3122

    I would love a BigBang bracelet please!! Thank you for having a giveaway!

  • Serena Lin

    I would like an Infinite one please!

  • SOSHI9

    I want to win Girls Generation , Infinite and SHINee’s bracelets :))

  • -AnotherMe-

    I really want SUPER JUNIOR/INFINITE bracelet or necklace! :3 Because i’m the biggest fan of them & please choose me, thank you!^_^

  • pofse nsa

    I would like to win Infinite/Big Bang/Beast bracelets *.* *.*

  • 스파클링 펄 ●▽●♪♥

    I want INFINITE bracelet pls~ :3 thank you beyondhallyu!<3

  • Bestabsolutely

    I want the EXO bracelet! :3

  • Michelle Phan

    I’d like the Infinite, SHINee, Super Junior or EXO bracelet ;v; it’s so hard to decide because I love them all akfjlksjfsskldjf <3

  • Ethlenn

    One really shouldn’t have Shinee and Infinite in the same basket.

  • Esther

    SHINee bracelet! All the bracelets are so pretty (: ♥

  • Marisol Palomares

    SHINee necklace! and it’s literally shiny. hehe ^_^
    Jewelry is not really my thing, so I wanna give it to one of my friends who loves them. :)

  • Emily MTZ

    I’m a total loyal Bu2ty so O would lkie the Beast bracelet please! I love Beast so much but It’s hard to buy a lot of kpop things in Texas.

  • So-hyun Park

    I’m a great fan of them
    but there’s NO kpop in UK….. :(

    Thank you for your giveaways : ]

  • 토끼엄마

    Would love Infinite’s or Exo’s bracelets *w* Good luck to everyone ^o^ Thank you for the opportunity @Beyond Hallyu

  • Cherry Ablao

    EXO (Necklace) for meeee~! ^O^ I really want it! *O*

  • Kristina Vo

    I would love to have an Infinite bracelet! I’ve been there fan since their debut and would like to continue to show my support for them! Thank you SO much for having this giveaway! <3

  • Dedicated Enchancer

    i would like to win Big Bang bracelet please :)

  • Anisa D Putri

    EXO or TVXQ bracelet for me!! Great giveaway and articles, Beyond Hallyu!

  • a n d i ☆

    either EXO or TVXQ or Super Junior bracelet. Can’t pick!

  • Emily Hall

    I love SHINee to pieces! <3

  • Min Hui

    I want to win an EXO bracelet !!

  • Honor Burrows

    SHINee bracelet for me~ ^^

  • Moon

    Infinite or SHINee *_*

  • Elin

    I would love the Infinite bracelet :)

  • Malica.noun

    I would love the JYJ Bracelet!

  • Yee

    Thank you for offering this giveaway and I would like a Big Bang bracelet please. (:

  • skyshredsl

    Super Junior, anything Super Junior please! <3

  • Thais Magalhães

    I would love win the TVXQ Titanium Steel Bracelet. <3 fighting!

  • Spxiong

    I would love the Infinite bracelet for me, since I’ve been an inspirit for 3 years and I just want to keep supporting them since living in a state in the usa where kpop isn’t famous I just want to keep supporting them! ^^

  • Jennifer

    Thank you very much for this giveaway!! :) I would really like the Infinite Bracelet!!! :DD

  • Isaac Tsai

    I would like a Big Bang one!

  • Jenny Equality Lau

    I would love to be be able to get the SHINee necklace, because they are the first K-pop group that I fell in love with. Key was my first bias, catching my eye in “Hello” with that cute face and that undeniably eye-catching all red outfit. Taemin was a close second, being equally if not even more adorable and the fact that both are such amazing dancer in their own way made me love them even more.

    Even though I’m more of a KissMe these days, my love for SHINee still holds true. I think that their latest song and MV wasn’t the greatest they’ve ever released, but I still enjoyed it. Key’s rap part at about 1:40 just made me melt like no other. And Key and Taemin will always be the reason that I started dancing again and I have no plans to stop.

  • AnhThu Le

    It’d be nice if I win an Infinite bracelet as I love them and my best friend has already had a similar necklace :) It’d go ton sur ton for us :p
    Anw, thanks a lot for this giveaway!

  • DuchessRhea

    Infinite! I would love to get the Infinite bracelet. <3

  • Wilma Dobla

    I love SHINee necklace. Hoping to win this 😀 Great giveaway. ♥

    Good luck to everyone ^^

  • Erna Hoshi

    I would love to win EXO’s or Super Junior’s bracelet <3
    Thank you so much for the giveaway and good lusk to everyone!! 😀

  • harley

    SHINee or JYJ please!

  • Wilma Dobla

    I love SHINee necklace. Hoping to win this 😀 Great giveaway. ♥

  • Wilma Dobla

    I love SHINee bracelet too LOL I love everything. Great giveaway. ♥

  • Doreen Araneta

    I really like the EXO, BIGBANG and 2ne1 bracelets!!

  • Dae Hyun Is Satan

    I love the SHINee bracelet probably going to buy the EXO later.

  • 양 아 리 ✨

    Girls’ Generation bracelet!

  • 양 아 리 ✨

    Beast bracelet ❤

  • Valerie Thao

    Shinee or infinite bracelet!

  • Kathlyn Denise Isaac

    Infinite, shinee and exo bracelet!!

  • Park Sisters♥

    >w__< !

  • ⓜⓐⓗⓐ● 3●

    I wold like to win that BigBang Bracelet please 😀 Thanks for the giveaway !BeyondHallyu fighting!!

  • ⓜⓐⓗⓐ● 3●

    I would really love to win BigBang’s bracelet because I’m from Iraq and sure we don’t have any stores here that sells kpop merchandise and shipping to my country is so expensive and takes a lot of time :(

  • Sélmà El Koraichi


  • Nimo

    I want the Big Bang bracelet for my bestfriends birthday so if you guys can make it happen that would be awesome

  • Gina-Therese Tan

    I would like an Infinite bracelet…not only would it represent Infinite, but all the infinite things in life! xD

  • Michelle Kee

    TVXQ Bracelet for me please. Thanks for the awesome giveaway. 😉

  • Wanesha Mustapha

    I would love to see and have a BEAST/B2ST ❤ bracelet. I’ve been a B2UTY for almost 4 years and sad to say but I’d never have one nor any B2ST goods. All of us are aiming to win so good luck to me and to the others. May the BEST fan wins ^_^

  • LeaderLooi

    BIG BANG!!!! please, thank you~ ;D

  • Dyneth Tomakin

    i would LOVE to have a SHINee bracelet. it would make me soooo happyyyy <3 Hwaiting shinee and Beyond Hallyu 😛

  • Fucchii MEi Suni Mgr

    infinite bracelet for me ~~~~
    great giveaway…

    goodluk to everyone

  • Sammii Tailortsz

    INFINITE bracelet please~ 😀

    I only started enjoying Infinite’s music since Paradise and I’ve listened to every comeback and as much music of theirs that I can~
    I’m a huge fan of theirs, I think they’re extremely talented and you know, it’d be nice to have something that says “I’m a fan.” and looks pretty too xD
    Awesome giveaway guys! 😀

  • Kristy Hoang

    Infinite bracelet! 😀

  • Olivia Wood

    I would love to win a SHINee bracelet please! They’re one of my favourite groups and I love to support them :’) such a good giveaway thankyou for the offer! Good luck to everyone who’s competing! <3

  • reydita

    I want INFINITE bracelet please :) I really really want it soo bad XD thank you very much 😀

  • reydita

    please I really want the INFINITE bracelet soo bad XD I hope I can have it through this giveaway, thank you so much 😀

  • Hannah Son

    SHINee bracelet all the way for me 😉 although i have to admit all the bracelets are amazing! thank you so much for this opportunity! I LOVE SHINee and it would be amazing to have something that just showed to everyone that im a shawol ;D
    good luck to everyone!x

  • adi

    i would love to win the infnite bracelet its the prettiest in my opinion ^^

  • Cristiana Baragli

    SHINee bracelet ~

  • pennyiggy0701

    EXO Bracelet and necklace, and shinee bracelet and necklace~~ and infinite~

  • reydita

    hi ^^ I really really want the infinite bracelet please, it’s so pretty and I want to have them so bad XD thank you :))

  • Dashanna Smith

    BigBang <3

  • Wanna Eat Rice?

    omoooooo I wanna win the Infinite bracelet, looks so cooooooooooool. aigoooooooo!

  • ChocoPandaa

    Ahhh I really hope I can win the INFINITE bracelet!! It’s so pretty and cool, and I love INFINITE too! I’ve been wanting/needing it since so long but my mum wouldn’t let me buy it because she thinks it’s waste of money.. IT’S NOT, MUM!! ;n;

  • Hayley Werth

    If anything, I would be crazy ecstatic to have the B2ST bracelet. They were my first experience with K-pop, and therefor are very special to me. It was actually thanks to them that I even thought about my career path. I plan on teaching English in Korea when the time comes. Before listening to them and getting into K-pop, I’d never even considered Korea as the place I’d even think of living and working in, but after listening to B2ST, I was really interested abouy what the rest of Korean culture was like, and did a ton of research on it. You could say that B2ST was and is the springboard into the life I’m working my way towards, however weird it may sound. So I’d just like something to always remember them by; kind of like a thank-you for helping me decide on what I truly want to do with my life. Sounds ridiculous, I know, but it just something that has really imparted itself on me over the years.

  • lolly

    Girls generation Braclet ^^

  • Brenda Guerrero

    SHINee!! <3 :) hope to win the SHINee bracelet ! supporting SHINee and love their music ^^ love all the SHINee members thanks BeyondHallyu for having this competition. good luck to everyone ! ^^

  • Gloria Rodriguez

    I would really love to win this I have been following Kpop for over 6 years and I am beyond fond with Kpop. If it wasn’t for Kpop I do not know where I would be today. I am excited for this and i really hope I can win the Big Bang one!!! thanks guys :) !

  • Namirah Nam Jihyun

    I want B2ST or Infinite’s bracelet pls!!! Kamsa hamnida!! K-pop is my life

  • hs_clover

    I would like the infinite bracelet, please~~ :)

  • Rahma Vatika

    woah~ 6 hours left I hope I can win this giveaway and got INFINITE bracelet! :3