Who were you again? 5 more K-Pop groups you may not remember

K-Pop groups come and go. Some stay around longer than others but what about the forgotten groups of K-Pop yesteryear? What happened to them? In a follow on from our popular Who were you again? 5 K-Pop groups you may not remember we bring you 5 more groups that many of you might just have forgotten even existed.

TimeZ – Hurray For Idols

This one was actually a suggestion from one of our other writers as even I had completely forgotten that such a group existed. Debuting in 2012 this mixed Chinese and Korean group were developed CJ Entertainment to essentially promote K-pop further within China and help it achieve the same popularity it was having in Japan. Sounds pretty simple really (especially now when you look at EXO) but apparently this group’s marketing plans were more than a little lacking in the productivity department.

So where did it all go wrong?

The group went largely unnoticed due to the high numbers of other groups debuting the very same year they did and thus missed out on attention they could have been receiving. This and the fact that their supposed target audience (teen girls in Korea and China) failed to notice that such a group had even debuted and there wasn’t much hope for the poor group.

Are they still going?

This even I am unsure of. Although the group had a comeback late last year there has been little to no word from them since and no official announcements that they have disbanded. Perhaps this is one we will call a case of the disappearing idol group.

Chi Chi – Love is energy

Chi Chi, ambitious, full of energy and a little bit confusing at times. Despite having a pretty dreadful debut MV with Don’t Play Around the group quickly went from one that was making ‘The worst K-Pop groups ever’ lists to charting successfully with the rather good Love is Energy. I mean who can forget that brilliant hand blender dance. But such success only came along after a couple of line-up changes.

So where did it all go wrong?

Chi Chi fans (yes, they had fans) could well argue that those line-up changes are the very thing that caused the group issues. It seemed to show that behind the scenes things had not been well with the group from the very beginning and this was belief was only further heightened during the promotion of Love Is Energy. When one of their members stopped appearing and it became clear that she was not ‘sick’ as had been claimed it marked what was to come for this unfortunate group.

Are they still going?

No. Following the no-show and phantom illness of one of the members of Chi Chi throughout the promotions of what would be their final song it became clear that there were serious issues within this group. Following the end of promotions Chi Chi announced that they would be going on a short hiatus. However what would start out as short soon became a year and it was announced in 2013 that the group were no more. A shame, especially as they had finally begun to show potential as a stand out group.

JQT – PeeKaBoo

Ah JQT, you can do nothing but feel for them. Whilst they were a moderately successful groups with the above song and the catchy as hell No Need To Know, the group struggled. But for three of the members of the group, this struggle was not an unusual thing. Members Min Jung, Ga Jin, and Ji Eun started out together when they were part of the group i-13 (the female version of Super Junior who amounted to little more than one song before disbanding). However the three talented girls came together to prove their worth and were soon gaining attention with JQT… but problems were never far away.

So where did it all go wrong?

JQT’s management went down the path of many other labels and attempted to push the group towards a more western market. It all started with a single call from Akon’s label (remember him?). The girls had been discovered on YouTube and were offered the opportunity of a lifetime, the chance to be the opening act of his ‘long awaited’ world tour.

How could it possibly go wrong? Let’s start with the last-minute cancellation of the entire tour (poor Acorn) which resulted in wasted time, effort and money for both the group and company, plus some pretty dodgy English songs. Oops.

Are they still going?

If you guessed no, you would be correct. After what shall forever be called Akongate the group decided to ditch their label and make their way to idol stardom alone. However they were quickly snapped up by another label and then joined by two new members to form S the One. Yay! Unfortunately this group never amounted to much outside of a few showcases in Japan and Thailand and a really bad MV. In fact they never even debuted. They were over before they even had the chance to start. But perhaps it could be fourth time lucky for the three unluckiest idols going. Fingers crossed.

HITT – Good Night

Oh, how I love idol group names! HITT, standing for the slightly hopeful ‘Here Is The Top’, debuted with in 2011 with the highly received Good Night. Now when I say highly received, I mean fans REALLY took to this song and the group, especially internationally. Before they had even debuted, HITT were gaining mounds of attention all over the world, from both fans and artists. 4men (that magical vocalist group) praised them on their vocal abilities and pianist Yiruma took a stride in an idol direction after gaining an interest in the talented group and provided a melody for one of their songs.

They had fan cafés in France, Indonesia, Germany and Taiwan before they had ever appeared on stage. Upon finally hitting the stage and releasing their debut song Good Night they even charted in Germany on the Viva Top 50 chart. You could say that HITT appeared to have it all.

So where did it all go wrong?

Perhaps they had too much attention to begin with, because despite all the hype the group has not had much luck with keeping (and then recruiting) members. In 2012 two of the members left unexpectedly (one with back troubles, another to further his education) and since the company behind the group (Jay.K Entertainment) have stated numerous times that they will be recruiting members to fill the gaps left by them without actually doing much.

Are they still going?

Nobody actually knows! If you go by the words of their company then at some point we should expect to see HITT re-debut. However they will have new members, a new name and maybe we should all give up hope now because COME ON that’s not even re-debuting it’s just throwing a new group at fans and hoping for the best.

DNT – Crazily Pretty

Yet another name I just could not help but love. DNT (or Dragon N’ Tiger) debuted to a great deal of success in 2008 with the hip-hop ballad ‘Two People and Thereafter’. So much acclaim in fact that people got a little… confused when shortly after the group disappeared then returned in early 2009 with a changed line up and more ballad focused sound. But it was this catchy, run-around-your-house-throwing-your-arms-about song that really got people talking. As catchy as it was (and still is, trust me) it is worth noting that fans of the group got a bit of a shock when on its first day of release the song amounted over 50,000 views.

So where did it all go wrong?

Let’s start with Crazily Pretty. Yes the same is catchy (honestly I’ve been singing it for 15 minutes now) but was it truly worth all the attention it got? Perhaps not. However when you are working with industry giants i.e Eun Jong Tae (you know the guy behind T-Max’s “Paradise” and SS501‘s ‘Because I’m Stupid’?) you are bound to draw in attention. But then things got a little confusing again…

After the promotions of Crazily Pretty, one member left due to musical differences. This was followed by two more members leaving after the promotion of their next single Knock Knock. Then the group up and disappeared again! Not a great way to keep fans hanging around. The group did resurface again in 2011 with the single Time Is and new members but at that point unfortunately it was difficult to distinguish them between other groups.

Are they still going?

Again this is another idol disappearing act. Not a word has been heard from them since 2011 and unfortunately even if they were to have a comeback it would most likely be with all new members. It’s sad…but we will always have Crazily Pretty!

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  • Eden20

    I absolutely loved DNT!

  • Bryan Lim

    By the way, I know that Hayong from HITT re-debuted with AlphaBAT and he’s pretty good now. He goes by B:eta now.

  • Xu MingMing

    TimeZ is still going. In China. Going by the theme that M4M went with. Train in Korea, “debut” and then shoot to china. Their kind of a regional favorite, but they appear ALL the TIME like everywhere in China.

  • Bethany Simos

    X-5 please! They did have some claim to fame as the tallest Kpop band ever.