12 new music video releases you may have missed (27/10/14-02/11/14)

With Korean entertainment companies and record labels uploading all their music videos to YouTube as soon as they’re released, there really has never been a better time to be an international fan of Korean music. Having said that there is now so much new music being released on a daily basis that it can be hard to keep up. So to help you out we are launching a new weekly list of new music video releases that you might have missed.

There were a few high profile releases this week including 2AM’s long awaited new release and yet another video release from Super Junior. After a surprise announcement from SM Entertainment that they were debuting a new male solo artist at the start of the week, Super Junior-M’s Zhou Mi followed in the footsteps of group member Henry and released a solo single in both Korean and Mandarin featuring EXO members Chanyeol and Tao. Other big releases included a new single from Crush, a duet from IU and K-pop star Contestant Yoon Hyung-sang and the return of veteran hip hop artist MC Mong with his first release since 2009. But if you follow Korean entertainment then you probably knew that already, so the more important question is: what are the lesser known tracks that you might not have caught when they were released this week?

RAINSTONE feat. Brian McKnight, San E & Verbal Jint – Rainstorm

This collaboration between senior JYP producer Rainstone and renowned American RnB singer Brian McKnight was unexpected (although McKnight has performed two concerts in Korea in 2014 alone) but it sounds great especially with the contributions from San E and Verbal Jint.

GOGOBOYS – The Great Journey

One for those of us that love guitar music. The group’s previous albums had a classic rock vibe but this time they’re going for a Britpop sound. So if you like your Oasis or your Blur, make sure you check it out!

LABOUM – What About You?

Some people were a little disappointed at the generic sound of LABOUM’s first release after they debuted under Nega Network earlier this year. They’ve made up for it however with this release which is a little reminiscent of their senior group Brown Eyed Girls’ classic single Sign.

Deepflow – Deadline feat. VEN

Great new track from veteran of the underground hip hop scene and member of Vismajor Crew, Deepflow. The video is a simple lyric video but it works well. Interestingly this song was released under established hip hop record label Baljunso who SM Entertainment bought shares in earlier this year.

Nuncoband – Future Love

This 80s-inspired electro rock track is so much fun. Nuncoband have been around for over 10 years but they’ve clearly still got it.

HOTSHOT – Take A Shot

Just as we wrote about the growing presence of male hip hop idol masculinity in K-pop, yet another hip hop idol group debuts. Take A Shot is not perfect but it shows that this is a group with clear promise that we’ll be watching out for in the future.

As One – For The Night

Often when videos are give 19+ ratings it can be difficult to see why but not in this case. The video for ‘For the Night’ definitely went out specifically to achieve this rating and if you like yourself a raunchy music video, you should definitely check it out (just maybe not at work or school). If you’re into late-90s/early 2000s RnB lite you might like the song too.

WIMP – Somewhere Far

This group is definitely one of the weirdest debuts of this year. It is a duo made up of member Mebby and Mekky who don’t actually technically exist but are billed as ‘virtual musicians’. Putting that aside though, this is a really nice and catchy electro pop track and the video, although a little disturbing, is also quite entertaining.

Legend – LOST

Another promising second single from a new rookie group. Neither the song or video provide anything particularly ground breaking but it’s a solid effort nonetheless.

Soulstar – Love Love

Again this song is nothing particularly new but it’s a nice solid slow RnB track which make for an enjoyable listen. The video features Taeseok of O Broject who featured in Season 1 of K-pop Star as well as Effie from girl group C-Real who many have been speculating may have disbanded due to their long hiatus. Does her appearance in this video mean the group will be making a comeback? We’ll have to wait and see.

Robin Hoon feat. Ellie and Anna – Amaze Me

A fun little EDM track from a brand new producer. If EDM is your thing, you can also check out Aftermoon Records, the label he is signed to, for more Korean EDM DJs and producers.

Saebyeok – Save Me

Saebyeok is the Korean word for daybreak which fits perfectly with their music which captures the eerie calmness of that time of the day. The song has an otherworldly quality which is quite calming despite the sadness of the lyrics.

Well that’s it for this week but let us know what your favourite new music video for this week is in the comments and do let us know if this is a feature you would like to see every week.

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  • QueenKashiyuka

    I too thought Laboum’s debut was a bit lackluster and was happy that this gem appeared. I absolutely loved the mv and the aura of creepiness it has, and the the fact it still translates into their live performances! Im crowning them as my favourite rookies right next to mamamoo

    • http://beyondhallyu.com/ Lizzie (beyondhallyu)

      Mamamoo are streets ahead of anyone else for me this year. Everything about their first EP was fantastic. But I’m going to keep an eye on Laboum too since they’re starting to look promising.