12 new music video releases you may have missed (10/11/14-16/11/14)

We’re back again with all the underrated new releases from the past week!

The were a few big releases this week – AOA’s new single was finally released, Lee Hi and Lee Suhyun dropped their collaboration and Kyuhyun released solo single At Gwanghwanmun. Aside from that there were also quirky girl group releases, technologically creative rock videos and even some jazz which you might not have caught unless you were paying close attention. But that’s what we’re here for! So here you are – twelve releases from this week that you may have missed:

1. Sugar Donut – Beautiful Life

This definitely wins the prize for most creative visual of the week. The whole video thing was created using various arrangements of sixteen (at my count) different tablets. If you only watch one of these videos in full make sure it’s this one.

2. BadKiz – Babomba

Anyone remember Ear Attack from earlier in the year? This is basically going for the same obnoxious but endearingly silly approach as last time but the song is catchier and the music video is a lot more entertaining.

3. Freestyle (feat. Skull) – One Way

This is pretty much Skull at his Skull-iest (he’s a Rastafarian, don’t you know?). Overall a solid effort from Freestyle with a catchy chorus courtesy of Skull.

4. 10cm – Sseudam Sseudam

They’re finally back! And it was worth the wait because this song is really catchy. It also escalates impressively quickly. The last 10 seconds are definitely NSFW but the rest is fine.

5. Natthew (feat. Son Ho Young) – Love Will Be OK

In case you weren’t aware, Natthew is a ballad singer from Thailand who was taken on by CJ E&M who are trying to make him a star. The song itself is average – it has a bit of a soul/disco vibe – but what’s interesting is that the video is full of interracial couples dancing like it’s no big deal which is still a pretty rare in K-pop.

6. Maboos (feat realOne) – Irene

These slow hip hop ballad tracks aren’t to everyone’s tastes but the animation in the music video is really cute. Predictably, the ridiculous rumours about Maboos and Red Velvet’s Irene have already begun in the comments.

7. Asteroid 186 (feat. Kim So young)- 10.40

Cute, little track with a cute and silly video.

8. Ju Yoon Ha – To You As You Say Farewell

You don’t come across Korean jazz all that often but this song is some really smooth easy listening.

9. Pungdeng-E – Baechu Bossam

Pungdeng-E looked promising when first came out with a fun and silly debut rapping in different dialects. They lost their way with their second single which had an insufferably generic cute concept but it looks like now they’re back with their original quirky charms! In this video, they seem to be onion-wielding cabbage gangsters. Who wouldn’t love that?

10. Coreyah and Hareem – Attracted

Coreyah and Hareem are both known for incorporating traditional Korean instruments into their music and this song is no exception. Their voice work really well together and the song is the perfect soundtrack to the simple but sweet love story in the music video.

Hari – Gwiyomi Song 2 (2014 version)

This is not so much a recommendation as it is a warning. If Hari has anything to do with it, the Gwiyomi Song may be making a comeback. I’m so sorry.

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