12 new music video releases you may have missed (03/11/14-09/11/14)

It was a bit of a slow week in terms of big new releases this week. There was Zico’s controversial Tough Cookie, of course,  and Urban Zakapa’s new album plus Hello Venus came back with a new look and sound (thanks to a Brave Brothers intervention) but aside from that there weren’t many high profile music video releases. But luckily there is always a wealth of new less mainstream music being released and so we are back once again with 12 music videos that you may have missed.

1. Mate – BABY

This group have been around for a few years now but they’ve mostly released ballads before now. This time they’re back with some disco-inspired ‘retro funk’ and it’s definitely a welcome change. The song sounds great and the music video is worth the watch purely for the fantastically kitsch retro sportswear.

2. Jeison P – Dirty Kid

Jeison P is a pretty unknown rapper and this is from his first ever EP. But don’t be misled by the super low budget music video, this track is definitely catchy.

3. Hong Jin Young – Cheer Up

Hong Jinh young is one of the biggest stars on the Korean trot scene and this song has a slight celtic feel but aside from that it is a solid, if fairly predictable addition to the genre. Those who already appreciate trot will probably like it but it won’t win over any new fans. If you’re a fan of Hong Jin young because of We Got Married you might also want to check the fvideo out as her ‘husband’ from the show makes an appearance.

4. Kim Ka-kyeong – Would You Like To Come And Eat Ramyun? (Love Ramen)

At first this appears to just be a cute song about instant noodles but at closer inspection it is much more than that. The phrase ‘Would You Like To Come And Eat Ramyun?’ was originally used in the 2001 film One Fine Spring Day and has since become used many times in the media as a way for a woman to ask a man to sleep with her without explicitly saying it (read more here). So despite the pretty adorable video about making the perfect ramyun, the lyrics of the song are actually about a young woman coming to terms with her sexual desires for the guy she likes.

5. Uniqnote – Girlfriend

Uniqnote has produced tracks for a number of artists including B1A4 and Brown Eyed Girls but this time he is releasing his own album. It’s not a standout but it’s a likeable slowish RnB track with a cute video. So if you like that kind of thing, check it out.

6. Ryu Sera – Lilac

Ok so technically this is not a music video but if you, like me, were a fan of Nine Muses and were a little worried about what would happen to the members who recently left, I have a treat for you! You might be aware that Sera, the former leader of Nine Muses, has a YouTube channel where she has been uploading covers for a few months but this week she released her first self-composition and, well, it’s really good! I mean, I know it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but if you’re into the cute, coffee shop type music the Korean indie scene is known for, you will probably like it. Now she just needs to get signed to a decent music label (I’m thinking friendznet or possibly MYSTIC89) and we could be hearing some great releases in future.

7. Champagne & Candle feat. Hanhae and Kanto – High

2014 has been a busy old year for Kanto between TROY and a few high profile features on other people’s tracks including Raina and Younha and he’s back once again alongside Phantom’s Hanhae featuring on Champagne and Candle’s new release. The duo debuted earlier this year and if this is anything to go by, they definitely potential.

8. Atomic Kiz – Lovers

It’s been a slow week for new idol music this week and there haven’t been many debuts. This is really the only group I could find and it’s actually a pre-release. They’re unknown at the moment and the song is a little generic but they seem to be talented so if you’re looking for new male idols, why not give this video a go? You might just be one of their very first fans.

9. Olltii – OLL’Skool

Olltii is probably best known as a contestant on Show Me The Money 3. This is one of his first releases since then. It’s pretty good and shows a lot of potential but suffers a little bit from the same issue as Zico’s Tough Cookie – being too try-hard.

10. DIEALRIGHT – Satellite

Here’s something different. This high energy punk track from Diealright is a lot of fun for those whole like that kind of thing (just beware, the video is a bit NSFW).

11. WYM – Trying

One of my favourite releases from the week. If you’re into Korean electronic indie acts like Glen Check and From the Airport, make sure you check it out.

Quadrough (feat. JAZZMAL) – Better

What can I say? Come for the beard, stay for the music.

That’s it again for this week but let us know what your favourite new music video for this week is in the comments. What did you think of that Zico release? As offensive as many people seem to feel or did it not bother you?

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