10 of the best new Korean music videos of this week

There were quite a few big new releases this week between BIGBANG finally re-emerging, Lim Kim’s second MV being released and BTS’ slightly confusing censored version of their new video. Here’s ten of the week’s best from all over the Korean music scene. As usual we’ve focussed mostly on the less well-known artists to help you find something new.

1. Kisum, LilCham, Jace, Bora & Adoonga – Feedback

Given the popularity of Unpretty Rapstar it’s not surprising that all the show’s contestants are releasing new tracks these days. One of the strongest so far is Feedback which features Kisum, Lil Cham and Jace alondside Sistar’s Bora and Adoonga. It’s far from perfect and Bora’s rap is distinctly clunky but it’s a fun track with a catchy hook.

2. Pipi Band – JKJK

Pipi Band are an influential indie band that arguably kicked off Korea’s underground music scene in the mid 90s. The group are no longer active but they released this song to celebrate their 20th anniversary. Pipi Band became famous for their weird lyrics and not-so-public-friendly music and 20 years it’s pretty obvious they are intent on continuing their reputation. If the vocal sounds familiar to you, you may know her as the one half of husband and wife duo, EE.

3. No.1 Korean – The Coat

This is a cute little chill out track and video filmed at a fairground. The woman in the video is Abigail Alderete who you may remember from the popular programme Global Chat Show a few years ago.The more discerning viewer may also notice that the video is shot in the same location as Crayon Pop’s Bar Bar Bar.

4. We Are The Night – Tiramisu Cake

One of my favourite kinds of music video to feature in these articles are inventive productions that have clearly made the most of very limited budgets like this one. The song itself is a lot of fun with its catchy and nonsensical chorus which repeats “Tiramisu cake” over and over again but the video is the star of the show. The instagram concept is entertaining, particularly in how the photos that appear match the lyrics, and the bright colours help keep the viewers attention. Watch this more than once and you’ll have “Tiramisu Cake” going round and round in your head for the rest of the day.

5. Monoban – Dandelion

Sometimes I like to put indie tracks in just because they remind me of the kind of music I like to listen to as a teenager. This is one of those times. I can’t place the exact band but the vocals on this track really remind me of some of the British and American indie music I used to listen to about 10 years ago… in a good way.

6. IN&CHOO – Suite Room

Here’s another example of a group making the most of their own strengths to make up for a lack of budget. The song itself is a fairly standard mid-tempo RnB track but the dancing is a lot of fun to watch.

7. Play The Siren – GREEN LIGHT

Play The Siren, a rap group produced by SM’s subsidiary Baljunso, is back with something a bit different from their debut release Dream Drive. Again, it’s not the most original track in the world but it’s a fun little summery number nonetheless. If you don’t know the group you may recognise Kasper from her own YouTube channel or the videos she’s appeared in for Seoulistic and Wishtrend.

8. Big Earth Little Me – Gravity

Here’s another fun, summery track but this time it has more of an electronic twist. The video is also quite clever with the way it plays around with silhouettes.

9. Solbi – First Love

You may recognise Solbi as a member of the group Typhoon from the mid 2000s or from the various variety shows and dramas she’s appeared on since then. This fun mid-tempo electro pop track is the first song she’s released in quite a few years. It features Peterpan Complex‘s Jeon Ji-han and a bunch of other people doing gleefully silly choreography on a rooftop. Can’t go wrong with that.

10. BIGBANG – Bae Bae

After three years they’re finally back! I have to be honest, I’m not entirely sure what’s going on here but I’m sure it’s really deep and meaningful or something.

That’s it for this week. As always, leave your personal recommendations in the comments!

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    bae bae is about making babies out of sticky rice cakes, jeez, where have you been lizzie

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    also solbi is hot and EE is the new empress of all things alternative