10 Best Music Videos of the Week: Gondry Likes 2 Touch Strawberry Mannequins At Night

After a couple of weeks slacking, we’re bringing back this feature. As always there were a lot of songs released this week and not all could make the cut. As much as EXO tried to demonstrate their intense love of sports, I just wasn’t buying it. Eun Ji-won made his first comeback in a while with an old school West Coast hip hop type song and something a little more pop. There were also some great live performances this week. Sera, formerly of Nine Muses also returned to YouTube after some time away and The Barberettes did a fantastic cover of the Anderson Sisters’ Rum and Coca-Cola. None of those quite made the list for one reason or another but there are lots of great tracks in this week’s top ten including Big Bang, the return of Andamiro and a sequel to Primary’s Gondry.

1. BIGBANG – We Like 2 Party

If you’re like me, you may have been a little put off by the more… pretentious elements of Big Bang’s most recent work. This video is like a breath of fresh air in that regard showing the group partying, running about and just generally looking a bit silly.

2. Primary feat. Beenzino and Suran – Mannequin

Primary continued his recent string of great releases this week with Mannequin.  The song features the ever popular Beenzino and Suran who finally gets to appear in one of his tracks, having been involved in the writing process for a few of his other new tracks including Lim Kim’s Awoo.

3. WE ARE THE NIGHT – Star, Fire, Night

WE ARE THE NIGHT are fast becoming a group to look out for. After the fun Tiramisu Cake from their second album, released in April two years after the first, they’re back again with a more relaxed, chillout summer track in the form of Star, Fire, Night. This feels like the kind of song best listened to at 3am after a long summer’s night. This vibe is definitely enhanced by the music video’s summery visuals filmed on Jeju island.

4. Yankie feat. Dok2, Juvie Train, Double K, Rap Monster, Topbob and Don Mills  – ProMeTheUs

Yankie’s latest release has one of the most star-studded list of featuring artists that I’ve seen in a while. The animation in the video is pretty dark but it makes a nice change from the stereotypical  gold chains and twerking back up dancers that have plagued Korean hip hop recently.

5. Anda – Touch

You may know Anda as Andamiro who released a couple eurodance style tracks back in 2012. Now she’s back with a new company and a new RnB sound with a track written by D’Mile who has worked on songs for a number of Western artists including producing Janet Jackson’s Feedback. A lot of people have compared the video to Fiona Apple’s Criminal and there are definitely a lot of similarities. What is interesting though is the amount of implied same-sex happening throughout the video.

6. hyukoh – Gondry

The lead singer of hyukoh, Oh Hyuk (see what they did there?) recently teamed up with Primary for his last EP including the fantastic Gondry. The band have now given their own spin on the track creating something much more mellow. If Primary’s Gondry is a track to be listen to early in the morning then hyukoh’s take is best appreciated just before going to sleep. The video also continues the Michel Gondry-esque visuals of the original and I’m sure it all links together somehow but I haven’t given myself the chance to think it all through yet.

7. Fling – Strawberry

This sounds a bit like Blondie and a bit like some other American acts I can’t put my finger on but it’s a good track nonetheless. The video is super low budget but its cute and quirky visuals match well with the track.

8. Spotlight – River

The description of this video describes River as a song ‘for people who are exhausted from daily life’ and that’s just what it is. It’s one of those songs that somehow manages to be relaxing and re-energizing at the same time.

9. Bye Bye Badman – So Far

So Far is the lead single from the fantastic Bye Bye Badman’s new album Authentic. It’s got a cool electro vibe and I found myself hypnotised by the colourful, abstract kaleidoscope visuals.

10. Big Brother Project feat. Boa of SPICA – Zero

This is a fairly slow track but the upbeat electronic backing track stops it getting too boring. The video also features Ryohei Otani of Roommate fame cooking some very yummy looking food which some readers may appreciate. I know I do.

That’s it for this week. As always leave your favourites, least favourites and recommendations in the comments.

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