10 best Korean music videos of the week feat. SHINee, Horan, Zion.T and more

It’s that time of the week again when I subject myself to a few of hours of often distinctly mediocre music videos so that I can find the genuinely good ones and spare you the same trouble. So here we are, my top ten best music videos of the week. Enjoy!

1. SHINee – View

The best thing about SHINee for anyone that is not necessarily a massive fan is that every time they come back with new music it’s something slightly different. This time they took a bit of a risk with a deep-house-inflected instrumental but it definitely paid off. This may well be the best song SHINee has ever released and is a great argument for more house in K-pop. The video itself is nothing new but the sheer disdain and disinterest the group has for the girls who are throwing themselves at them is highly entertaining. Sorry ladies, but they’d much rather be dancing with their boys in a sweaty basement.

2. Needle & Gem – Dawn

A calming acoustic track from the debut EP of talented duo Needle & Gem. The video is sweet yet melancholy, following two young boys on their adventure through the snow with an unexpected twist at the end.

3. Horan – She’s Alright

Clazziquai’s Horan is back with her first ever solo album. The video and song explore the contradictions of social media through the story of a struggling woman whose life appears to be perfect… at least on Instagram.

4. Zion.T – Eat

A slow-paced RnB track in which Zion.T just wants to make really sure that you are eating enough. It’s a clever video where he keeps switching places with a phone playing his song.

5. Smells & Reno – NOTHING

Smell & Reno are best known for their remixes but this time they’ve come back with something original. It’s a cool little electronic track with an odd video which centres around a man who keeps accidentally killing flowers. There may be some kind of metaphor here but what it is, I’m not sure.

6. Standing Egg – Crazy

We all know this kid. The one who is helplessly with someone who is clearly not even remotely interested in them. Maybe you were that kid. If so, you may find more than a little self-recognition in this video.

7. Urban Zakapa feat. Beenzino – Get

I have to say I’m not the biggest Urban Zakapa song but this is a fun mid-tempo track and one of the most spirited performances Beenzino has shown for a while.

8. HISTORY – Might Just Die

I’m still not entirely whether I like this or if it works but pairing what is essentially a ballad with some dubstep beats is at least something new which is always appreciated given how often K-pop bands resort to doing the same thing over and over.

9. Hello Stranger – Mirage

I was initially drawn to this video by the astronaut suit. The barrier it creates between the wearer and the world fostering a sense of disconnectness in the viewer which fits in nicely with the lyrical themes of the song. The song, although particularly groundbreaking, is a nice one too.

10. Sweet Revenge – Fly High

During their first attempt at breaking into the mainstream in 2011, this all-female pop rock  were described as Hongdae’s SNSD in reference to their idol-like appearances and fashions. Despite this cheesy moniker, their track Rule Breaker was a rock-solid pop track reminiscent of mid-2000s female pop rock acts like The Faders and The Veronicas that wouldn’t sound out-of-place on the Mean Girls soundtrack. I thought the group had all but disappeared since then so I was happy to see they’re back with a more sophisticated yet still fun and upbeat sound.

And that’s it for this week, as always all your feedback and recommendations are welcomed.

Oh and bonus!

This song sounds like an OST track but I can’t place which one. If you have any suggestions for the song I’m thinking of, please put me out of my misery and let me know so I can avoid them both forever.

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