Our Predictions for “The Heirs”

Most of the other members of the BH writing team don’t watch those blockbuster chaebol-following K Dramas. You know, the ones where big-name stars spend a lot of time wandering about in terrible (but expensive) outfits acting all love-sick and what not.

Me? I love ’em. Bring me as many secret siblings, bouts of amnesia, car crashes, inexplicable plot holes, and jealous romantic rivals as you can cram into twenty episodes. The more improbable the plot the better. “True Love” despite overwhelming incompatibility? I’ll take two servings, please. Evil rich mom scheming evilly? Give it to me, I love it.

This brings me to “The Heirs” (aka The Inheritance). Get this: some genius put together the writer of “Secret Garden” with the Star of “Boys Over Flowers.” The result? A mega-blockbuster full of shenanigans, plot twists, and severe gender trouble.

heirs 2

Strangest character in the history of K Dramas?

So here they are: my predictions for what “The Heirs” may throw at unsuspecting audiences in the weeks to come.


Definitely Going to Happen

Sophia Lee’s story is going to come back to haunt our dear couple

We see Kim Won (icky older brother man) go to his mother’s grave. She was an ordinary Korean-American girl who grew up making wine and enjoying life in California’s famed Napa Valley. Poor Sophia ended up in a stifling marriage filled with endless uptight society parties and backstabbing “friends.”

I’d bet at some point Daddy Tan is going to have a heart-to-heart with his estranged younger son about Eun-Sang. “Sure, you can marry her,” he’ll say, “but I married a poor girl and she ended up hating me and life.” This will probably happen just as Eun-Sang finally accepts Tan. He’ll decide she needs to leave him “for her own good” and act all mean to make her go away. “I don’t love you” Tan will say, but he is only “protecting” her. Then everyone will look sad and lovelorn for a little while before the truth about Tan’s heart comes out again.

Daddy Tan offers Eun-Sang a scholarship to go away

Kim Nam-Yoon has already proven himself 900x smarter at breaking up relationships than most evil rich K Drama parents. Rather than hatching ridiculous schemes, he merely puts the lovers together and lets the reality of social divide do the work for him. A generous scholarship has led Kim Won’s love interest completely destroyed their relationship. She rebukes his every advance. It’s clear she feels both thankfulness for the scholarship and fear of retribution from Kim Won’s dad.not what you thnk

Dad’s already mentioned a study abroad scholarship to Eun-Sang. Eun-Sang just wants to go to America and study, and it will finally be in her reach, but only if she gives up her love. Will she take the scholarship and run? Nope, she’ll end up at those same boring parties that broke Sophia Lee’s soul. But the temptation will be there.

Daddy Tan Dies

Checkhov said on writing: “If you say in the first chapter that there is a rifle hanging on the wall, in the second or third chapter it absolutely must go off.” The K-Drama version is “if you put a sick Dad in a K-Drama he’s going to get killed off mid-series.” Right now the only thing standing in between Tan and his brother’s wrath is their dad. You better believe this show is going to go full sibling v sibling brawl. I’m betting between episodes 14 and 16.

Mom’s muteness comes into play at a crucial moment 

“The Heirs” may be formulaic, but by no means is it incompetently made. As I’ve said above, they aren’t foolish enough to bring something into a story and have it go nowhere.

I’ve been fairly impressed by the show’s attention to detail. For example, indicating Young-Do’s interest in Eun-Sang during their second meeting by having him take and finish her energy drink. (Look for it, it’s there.) A subtle, yet effective touch.

That being said, Mom’s muteness has a place in the story. It may be because she can’t call out during a crucial/dangerous moment. Maybe the story of how she becomes mute will play in. The reason is “an illness” but that’s too vague to be left alone. Writer Kim Eun-Sook is a big fan of tragic circumstances coming out of nowhere. Remember in Secret Garden how Ra-Im learned that Joo-Won was the reason her father died? “The Heirs” has already had Tan find out his crush is the daughter of his maid. Keep an eye on that muteness.

Kim Tan’s wardrobe continues to disintegrate.

I genuinely believe Lee Min-Ho is a talented actor. His skills allow him to sell scenes that could easily come off as silly as sincere and touching. After all, this is the man who made Goo Jun-Pyo fairly sympathetic and likable.

She's leaving you and your sweaters behind, Kim Tan

She’s leaving you and your sweaters behind, Kim Tan

He’s even to able to make you take him seriously while wearing some of the worst outfits I’ve ever seen. Remember “City Hunter” where he went about his super-secret revenge in pink corduroys and a gray snake-skin top? There is seemingly no end to the terrors Lee Min-Ho is forced into.

“The Heirs” started out with pretty decent clothes that looked like something an actual student would wear. And as the episodes have gone on it’s just slipping into scarier territory by the scene. We’re not even half way through the series and DramaFver already has a countdown list of his worst outfits.

I’ve got a few theories about what’s going on here:

1. Lee Min-Ho was cursed by a Clothes Demon of some sort.

2. The Korean Costumer’s Union has a grudge against him

3. He lost a bet that required him to dress like an idiot for 10 years

Personally, I like to imagine he requests terrible wardrobes as an acting challenge. Tired of playing flat, formulaic roles Lee Min-Ho livens it up by seeing if he can sell it while wearing gaudy outfits an 18th century Dandy would call excessive. My guess: by 2015 he’ll be acting in full clown makeup.


Maybe Going to Happen


Rachel & Young-Do

K-Dramas like to have everyone paired off at the end. Hey, it worked for Shakespeare, so why not? Young-Do already flirts with Rachel. Plus that whole cryptic “Kim Tan will be more sad if he loses someone he already had. I WOULD KNOW.” line. Although they are ostensibly “villains,” they are still sympathetic. It’s kind of a big neon sign saying “Yes, they are going to be redeemed.”

The audience isn’t supposed to hate Rachel. Although she’s a brat, it’s not unreasonable to be upset when your fiancé ignores you FOR SIX MONTHS and then you find him chillin’ with some girl he picked up at the beach. Young-Do is a bully/creep, but he’s gotten the best comedic scenes in the show so far.

Side note:  I’d place money Tan’s engagement to Rachel being the reason behind the mysterious falling out between Young-Do & Tan.

 Myung-Soo & Rachel 

Your life is just going to get weirder, Rachel.

Your life is just going to get weirder, Rachel.

This is another probable pairing. So far Jo Myung-Soo (aka that guy who runs the TV station) has gotten quite a bit of screen time, but his relationship to the show seems unclear. Yes, he has a crush on Kim Won’s girlfriend, but that’s not going to go anywhere. He certainly will have a purpose, and it easily could be as a consolation prize to a dumped Rachel. Fans have pointed out the show’s Wikipedia page pointed to this pairing, but Wikipedia isn’t the most accurate of sources when it comes to not-yet released shows.

Rachel and Chan-Young are half-siblings 

Rachel’s Mom and Friend Boy’s dad definitely have/had a thing. She mentions she didn’t choose him then and won’t now. What happened? My guess: she promised to leave her husband for Yoon, but once she became pregnant chose her (now ex) husband for Rachel’s financial security.


Never Going to Happen


Kim Tan goes back to California.

As Eun-Sang’s three episode struggle to buy an airline ticket should tell you, airline tickets don’t grow on trees. What, you think SBS has enough money to be flying everybody across the Pacific AGAIN? You think Inkigayo makes itself?  Heck no, he’s staying. We got bills to pay people!

Eun-Sang + Young-Do.

Sorry shippers, you should’ve learned from Boys Over Flowers that motorcycle driving second leads always finish last.


What do you think about ‘The Heirs’ so far? Do you agree with our predictions? Let us know in the comments!

  • dustdevilliz

    This: “Will she take the scholarship and run? Nope, she’ll end up at those same boring parties that broke Sophia Lee’s soul. But the temptation will be there.” is making me root against a happy ending for Tan and Eun-sang. Or an ending that involves everyone running back to the Napa vinyard.

    “If you put a sick Dad in a K-Drama he’s going to get killed off mid-series.”–this!
    SPOILERISH: In one of the previews, characters are dressed in black, so I’m on board with this.

    I like all of your Rachel theories. I really want something huge and dramatic for Bo Na (the best character on the show), but I doubt it’s going to happen.

  • SakiVI

    Rachel is pretty, wealthy, and resisting her fiance – the boy she’s engaged to marry, no less – dating the main female lead. For some reason, k-drama fans consider those decent reasons to hate her. (Actually, it’s even more blatant in Taiwanese dramas.) It’s apparently okay for main female lead to move in on an engaged man or drag another girl’s boyfriend away from her because she was friends with him first, but not for the fiancees or girlfriends to resist this shit.

    My biggest problem with this drama is that it glorifies cheating.

  • SakiVI

    P.S. I totally sympathize with Won hating Tan. I’m Team Won.

  • Bae Irene

    do you mean lee hyo shin is jo myung soo here? cause from what i see lee hyo shin is the one who had a crush on kim won’s girlfriend