[Film Review] The Piper (2015)

I feel like before I start this review I should give a warning. If you have a weak stomach, don’t watch this movie. If you are deathly afraid of rodents, don’t watch this movie. If you have a hard time with children, don’t watch this movie. I could go on but I think you have the jist of what I’m trying to get at here.

Now that we have all the warnings out of the way let’s get to it. The Piper. looking at the name, you don’t really get an idea of what the movie has in store for you. You may know the legend of the Pied Piper where the town hired a musician to play his magic pipe and lead all of the rats out of town. When the town refused to pay, he turned his pipe on the children and led them out of town, never to be heard of again. This movie is loosely based on that.

When I pushed play, I wasn’t expecting much. I knew of the legend well and couldn’t figure out how the director was going to turn this into something a person would pay money to see. I should have never doubted him.

The movie opens up with piper Woo-ryong and his son Young-nam traveling through the forest. There is a terrible storm so the two camp out in an abandoned building to wait it out. While they wait for dawn to break, you see Young-nam apologizing to his father for being sick. Young-nam has tuberculosis, and unless his father can get him to Seoul for medication, he will not last long. Woo-ryong laughs him off and tells him all will be well come morning time.

The pair soon discover a mysterious village. The villagers don’t seem too interested in speaking with the father and son, and not until they stumble into the village chief, did the two manage to secure a place to stay while Young-nam rested up. While speaking with the village chief, Woo-ryong asks for English help. He thinks he has the address to where he needs to go to get Young-nam’s medicine. Sadly he’s mistaken.

the piper 1

In exchange for their hospitality, Woo-ryong agrees to help the village get rid of their rat problem. He does so and decides to leave with his son and new found love but the village elder has other ideas. What happens next causes Woo-ryong to turn from a happy-go-lucky father into someone that will give you nightmares. He returns to the village to settle some scores of his own and the following scenes have made me forever fearful of rats. That’s right, he brings the rats back. These rats, however, are not normal rats. They are the reason why I will forever sleep with a light on and a baseball bat nearby.



the piper 5


The Piper is definitely not something I wouldn’t watch at night, or while eating, but it was a solid movie. I enjoyed watching the change in Woo-ryong, who started as a decent man, trying to do right by his son, and then turned into a monster. There wasn’t much romance, which was fine by me. I am all about the action and revenge. If you have similar tastes, definitely check out The Piper.

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