UK Korean Events of the Week: 20th – 26th May

It’s another busy week in London with several interesting events with insights into Korean history, art and culture taking place throughout the week. The KCC is kicking off its K-MUSIC 2013 festival with a discussion forum featuring several music professionals and experts, it also continues its ‘Women on Screen’ festival with a controversial film from the 1950s and there is also a SOAS seminar on the fascinating life of a Korean artist and poet during the Japanese colonial period. Keep reading for all the details of these and more.

‘Postmodern Times’ Gwon Osaeg exibition @ HADA Contemporary

Two weeks left now to see this display. The exhibition showcases three different series of works by the artist: Deodorant Type, The Flat and The Sculpture which exam the futile and fleeting nature of modern life. Gwon plays with combining 2 and 3 dimensions in his artwork to push the boundaries of tradition concepts of sculpture and create a detached representation of modern life. The exhibition runs until the end of May so there is a few weeks left to catch it. If you want to read more about the different series head over to London Korean Links.

Until 31st May / Opening times: 11am-6pm / HADA Contemporary 21 Vyner street London E2 9DG / Click here for details.

The Tainted @ Gazelli Art House

This exhibition of Korean artist Shan Hur and Italian artist Aron Demetz’s continues this week. The work focusses on exploring the complexity of  relationship between nature and man. Hur’s sculptures and installations encourage the viewer to go on a journey of discovery through his work by placing unusual objects (such as collapsed ruins and a cracked column) into an everyday space. The artist aims to make the viewer question their own observations and perceptions and to create a space which fills the mind with curiosity. Demetz’s sculptures have a similar motive but with more focus on both the balance and unbalance between man and nature. There just a few left now to catch this exhibition before it closes on the 5th of June.

Until 5th June / Gazelli Art House, 39 Dover Street, Mayfair, London / Click here for details.

The Hidden Cost of Prosperity @ KCCUK

It’s the third week for this exhibition of work curated by Anna Miyoung Kim, the first of two winners selected from those who sent in curatorial proposals to the KCC earlier in the year. ‘Featuring the work of six up-and-coming Korean artists ( Youngin Hong, Heungsoon Im, Ayoung Kim, Sejin Kim, Seungwook Koh, Hyewon Kwon and Gangwoo Lee) the exhibitions looks at the hidden dark side to Korea’s rapid economic success. It will run up until the end of the first week in June.

Until 6th June / KCCUK, 1 – 3 Strand, London WC2N 5BW / Click here for details and to book.

Wisdom and Compassion @ MOKSPACE

There is a new exhibition from MOKSPACE Gallery opening this week displaying works which explore Buddhism in the 21st Century. Featuring the work of five artists Jewoo Jeon, Sooyung Lee, Sukhi Barber, Suzanne Rees Glanister and Venerable Sulgok, the exhibition explores modern Buddhism and celebrate the birth of Buddha through a  range of different mediums and themes.

14th May – 9th June / MOKSPACE, 33 Museum Street, London WC1A 1LH / Click here for details.

This Land Is Your Land, This Land Is My Land: Negotiating between Physical Geography and Political State in Yi Sang’s “Miscellaneous Writings by Autumn Lamplight” @ SOAS

SOAS are offering a free public seminar for all those interested this week from Harvard Visiting Associate Professor John M. Frankl on the short but fascinating life and work of poet, writer, artist and architect Yi Sang. The seminar discusses Yi Sang’s essay “Miscellaneous Writings by Autumn Lamplight” and looks at the many different facets to his identity as an ethnic Korean living in Korea during the Japanese colonial period.

2oth May 5.15pm / SOAS,  Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG / Click here for details.

K-MUSIC Focus Forum @ KCCUK

Before launching a festival celebrating Korean music of all kinds, K-MUSIC 2013, the KCC are holding a forum including several distinguished  music professionals and experts in World music. several topics will be up for discussion from traditional Korean music form pansori, to the challenges faced by Korean musicians  and even the current presence of Hallyu. There will also be an opportunity for audience members to ask questions of the panel and free food and drinks will be provided. K-MUSIC 2013 will actually begin on 14th of June with a performance by the National Orchestra of Korea at London’s Barbican.

21st May 7pm / KCCUK, 1 – 3 Strand, London WC2N 5BW / Click here for details and to book.

KCCUK Women on Screen: Madame Freedom

The Korean Cultural Centre is showing the second it its series of seven films which examine the changing role of women in Korean society over the past 80 years. Branded as the ‘most controversial film in Korean cinematic history’, Madame Freedom tells the story of a college professor’s wife as she goes out into the world of work and explores her attraction to men other than her husband. This film caused an uproar in its day for its portrayal of women’s sexuality and movement into the public sphere (necessitated by poverty as women had traditionally been kept in their houses after marriage).

22nd May 7pm / KCCUK, 1 – 3 Strand, London WC2N 5BW / Click here for details and to book.

Korean-English Language Exchange Meetup: Intermediate level and above

The long-established Korean Language Meetup group is having another of its regular meetups for intermediate and above Korean speakers and learners to meet up and practice with each other. To book a place and find out more visit their Meetup page. The event details are all in Korean so be aware this event is ONLY for those who already speak Korean at a conversational level.

25th May 11.30am / Admission: £1 (book in advance) / Central London (Location only shown upon booking) / Click here for details and to book.

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